Other US political parties

You may have heard of the Whigs, but what about other political parties in the history of the US?  To be fair, some of these were pretty out there and unpopular, but the names are interesting anyway.  Surprisingly, there’s no Pity Party.


“Bank” does not have a long A sound as in “plane”? Are you kidding me?  I pronounce it “baynk”.  And yet, look at the dictionary and there’s no line over the a.  It’s a short a as in “cat”. Either I’m mispronouncing the word or English is unreasonable. If English were a programming language, it would be JavaScript.

Required terms in Google searches

If you’re searching for something at Google and you only want to see search results that include a certain word, you can put that word in quotes. For example, if you want to search for trees but only want to see search results with the word “willow” on the page, search for
trees “willow”.

(Google apparently got rid of the + sign syntax where you used to be able to say +willow.)