The stars at night are big and bright…

Author: Nathan | Date: August 17, 2014 | Category: travel

Recently, while staying at a hotel in northern Texas, I saw many people wearing cowboy hats.  I even saw a guy wearing spurs.  Surely, I thought, they can’t fit the stereotype this well.  Then I remembered there’s some big rodeo event going on in the area.

The return of remotes without batteries

Author: Nathan | Date: August 16, 2014 | Category: hardware

The first TV remotes in the 50s used a mechanical clicker to make a sound that the TV detected to do things.  No batteries.  And now, Phillips Hue lights have started using the power of you pushing buttons to create a short wireless signal without any batteries.  Neat idea.  We’ve now got RFID and NFC  running tiny chips without their own power.

Icelandic names

Author: Nathan | Date: August 15, 2014 | Category: language

If we were in Iceland, my sons would have a last name something like Nathanson and my daughter something like Nathansdóttir.  Björk’s last name is Guðmundsdóttir.  It’s the Icelandic name.

repairing a cracked phone screen

Author: Nathan | Date: August 10, 2014 | Category: hardware

I dropped my phone the other night.  There was a single rock on the porch and it hit that and cracked the screen.  I was figuring the entire phone was done for, but looked into it and it’s apparently a $5 pane of glass that usually breaks.  You buy the replacement on ebay and *voila, you’re good as gold.

* Voila may involve a panicky 3 hour experience where you place the glue strip backwards and have to redo it because the kit comes with no instructions and you have no idea what you’re doing.

black widows love Albuquerque

Author: Nathan | Date: August 6, 2014 | Category: Albuquerque

We just went for a walk in the dark around our neighborhood in western Albuquerque.  There were black widow spider webs every 10 feet or so around the yard walls.  They really come out at night.  We shined lights on them and I was stomping on them.  Must have killed at least 10.

Peruvian food, check

Author: Nathan | Date: August 1, 2014 | Category: Albuquerque, food

Ate at Sara’s Pastries and Deli near work on Jefferson at lunch.  They have some regular deli sammiches, but also a few Peruvian items.  I had an empanada and a red tamale.  I don’t usually like the taste of tamales for some reason, but I liked this one.  Tasty stuff.  Too bad I didn’t have time to try one of their tasty-looking desserts.


Author: Nathan | Date: July 24, 2014 | Category: family, videogames

Sean had a nightmare last night where he couldn’t jump in videogames.

The Straw Hat Riot of 1922

Author: Nathan | Date: July 22, 2014 | Category: history

As we get into the second half of summer, please remember not to wear your straw hat past the socially acceptable date of September 15th.  We don’t want another riot over this.

Pandora as a game

Author: Nathan | Date: July 4, 2014 | Category: technology

I got a new game on my phone called Pandora.  Pictures of products pop up over your music and you have to find the X as quickly as possible.

Do not mock a cold

Author: Nathan | Date: July 3, 2014 | Category: health

I would like to publicly apologize to my cold for calling it a “non-starter” and making comments about how it “didn’t seem to be trying very hard”.  After 2 days of almost unnoticeable annoyance, this cold and I have had over a week of almost parasitic “friendship”.  From such humble roots, it has become one of the strongest colds I’ve had in a while.