Unlocking my phone. I guess people don't say 133t anymore.

My Android phone came with a tiny amount of memory and my phone company filled most of that with useless, undeletable apps.  I finally had it and unlocked my phone, installing a custom firmware.  It took me back to the days when I did it on my PSP.  It’s still the same environment…bad instructions in forums assuming you know way more arbitrary details than you actually do.  (What?  You weren’t born knowing what BackSideUpdater is?  It’s so obvious!)  All files are obtained via questionable links in forums.  The best instructions I found were on some kid’s youtube video.    Anyway, it’s done and I actually have some space to install some apps now.  We’ll see how this goes.

Amazon reorder hackery

I was reading about some hackery trickery involving Amazon accounts. The bad guy needs to know your name, mailing address, and email address. They do an online chat with Amazon and pretend to be you to get an order number from something you bought recently. Then they ask Amazon for a free replacement of that order. As it’s being shipped, they ask them to change the receiving address to another US address. The US address turns out to be a company that forwards packages to other countries. So if you get a mysterious email from Amazon about a replacement order that you never asked for, this might have happened to you. This guy has more.

Tell someone if you get an odd email from them

If you ever get an odd email from someone, contact them about it through other channels.  Don’t just reply to the email.  Hackers may have taken control of the account for the purpose of sending emails out to people saying “Help, I lost my wallet as I’m travelling here in Nigeria and need you to wire money.”  If the hackers are watching the account, they’ll just delete any warning emails from anyone, which is why you need to warn the person through other channels.