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The alarm clock on my phone crashed instead of waking me up.  Our TV took 9 seconds to boot until it updated itself…now it freezes.  Welcome to the future.


Just noticed those new parking covers at Costco are solar panels

We had a little 1 year birthday party for Kai the other day with handfuls of chocolate cake. Yesterday we we putting out soil for a garden bed and found the lad gagging on a mouthful of black soil.


6 lbs 12 oz…he’s pretty cute!

I did a Google Image Search and these 2 images coincidentally showed up, one above the other.

Vanessa showed me another insane fact about womens’ clothing (aside from the wrong-sided buttons thing).  Their jeans only come with novelty-sized tiny pockets!  These pockets can’t hold a cellphone most of the time.  Just ridiculous.  Who knew? (aside from the women)

Be careful when throwing a stick to your dog.  You might be violating the patent on sticks.  This is why I like clear,  simple language.  Words like “utilize” and “apparatus” are useless.  Why couldn’t you say “use” or “device”?  Because you want to “impress” or “confuse” people.  If people had to submit patents in 6th-grader language, maybe we’d have fewer crazy ones like this.

If you want to see how unlikely you are to win the lottery even under the best of situations, try this simulator.  You can’t win if you don’t play!  (or even if you do play)  I never understood the lottery.  The odds that you’ll have a terrible car accident on the way home from work are fantastic, compared to the chances that you’ll win the lottery.  And yet, lottery players still drive home.  But they’re willing to waste thousands of dollars on a tiny tiny minute chance that they might possibly win the lottery…but almost certainly won’t.

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