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The first TV remotes in the 50s used a mechanical clicker to make a sound that the TV detected to do things.  No batteries.  And now, Phillips Hue lights have started using the power of you pushing buttons to create a short wireless signal without any batteries.  Neat idea.  We’ve now got RFID and NFC  running tiny chips without their own power.

I dropped my phone the other night.  There was a single rock on the porch and it hit that and cracked the screen.  I was figuring the entire phone was done for, but looked into it and it’s apparently a $5 pane of glass that usually breaks.  You buy the replacement on ebay and *voila, you’re good as gold.

* Voila may involve a panicky 3 hour experience where you place the glue strip backwards and have to redo it because the kit comes with no instructions and you have no idea what you’re doing.

We finally got too tired of the crashing, freezing, and unresponsiveness of our LG Optimus Elites.  These were our 2nd cheapo Android phones.  We first had LG Optimus Vs, which were just as bad.  We got Samsung Galaxy S3s now, which are night-and-day difference, even though they’re a couple of generations behind.  Smooth experience and lots of features added from Android 2 to Android 4.

Blu-ray player went out 1 year and 2 days after purchase.  Guess how long the warranty was?

Why won’t the spacebar pause the Netflix app on a Yoga 2 Pro?  Works on my son’s Windows 8 desktop.

In case you had ever installed MotionInJoy to play Steam games with your PS3 controller and you later get an Xbox 360 Wireless controller and wonder why it won’t connect, you need to carefully uninstall MotionInJoy…and I mean exactly as their instructions describe.

13 inch laptop with 3200×1800 monitor playing a windowed DVD.  Itsa so tiny!


I recently learned from watching several presentations that if you’re doing a major presentation at a customer site that you should bring your own laptops and cell network.  Do not trust the customer’s network or PCs.  Their firewall, proxies, and PCs will stop your presentation cold if you try to use them.

Vanessa noticed a small tool shed advertised: “Roughneck 3-ft x 5-ft Gable Storage Shed (Actual 2.3-ft x 4.6 Feet)”.  So they were inflating the size by over half a foot.  They do this for HDTVs too.  When you see a 55″ Class TV, it’s actually 54.5 inches.  So anyway, know what you’re getting when you buy that “pint” of icecream.

I just wanted to put this out there in case anyone else has the same problem.  I had set up an Android 2.3 phone with 2-step verification (2-factor authentication).  Somehow, I pocket dialed and it went through my limit for unlock pattern attempts.  When I pulled the phone out of my pocket, it was prompting me to sign in.  No matter what password I used, it wouldn’t unlock.  I even tried the backup verification codes I’d printed out a while back.  I finally went to my Google account on the web and generated a new application-specific password for the phone and it let me in.  I revoked the old application-specific password.