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I had an Inception-style dream within a dream last night.  The external dream was just me telling someone about the internal dream I’d had the night before.  In the internal dream, I was in Italy and they had some weird law that if anyone came into a restaurant and asked for some of your food, you had to give it to them.  People kept coming up to my plate in a restaurant and taking bites of food from it and eventually I got annoyed and refused.  The guy called a security guard over and I was thrown out of the restaurant.  I don’t know if the internal dream occurred at a faster speed than the external one.  :)

I had gotten a job at Microsoft in California.  I moved out there and was surprised to learn that I was moving next door to Scott Hanselman (a famous programmer at Microsoft).  As I headed up in the elevator with Scott for the first day of work (’cause he’s apparently friendly like that), I began to think, “but how could I afford California real estate?”  “And isn’t Microsoft headquarters in Washington?  As the logic of it all began to unravel, I woke up.

My company had sent me to China and I’d just gone through a tour of a strange fab where they heated the chips by hand in porcelain molds. I was walking around in a huge Chinese warehouse store looking at all the awesome stuff and was so excited to be in China. I was thinking I should call Vanessa and tell her about how the company had flown me over there spur-of-the-moment. She’d probably wonder how it was done so quickly, considering my passport isn’t up-to-date and travel security is so tight right n…it’s a dream, isn’t it…then I woke up. First time I’ve reasoned myself awake, I think.

Last night I dreamed my teacher was the guy from Greatest American Heroprobably something to do with watching the pilot before going to bed. If he were my teacher, that’d mean I was in special ed.

Dreamed I was playing golf on an aircraft carrier I was driving around for my job. I think I’ve had similar dreams before. Never mind that it’d be impossible to drive an aircraft carrier by yourself and that I don’t play golf.

Vanessa said I was talking in my sleep. “The login is nalter and the password is…” Wow!

In this dream, I somehow got large adhesive stickers stuck on my tongue. I’d start peeling them off and almost choke. I awoke to find that my tongue had dried out and I was choking.

Last night’s dream involved me and someone else having to visit some guy for information. All sorts of bad luck surrounded this guy, so we had to be prepared. There were several shady characters after the fellow as well.

Last night, I had allergies, so sleep was fleeting. But I do remember a prolonged nightmare that took place in a mall. I was being held captive or something.

In my dream last night, I was running through a Japanese mall doing climbing tricks…I think a lost dog was involved. Do the Japanese even have malls?