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Recently updated fund information for the fund(s) you own is now available on our website.  We dare you to try to figure out what those changes are.

Vanessa noticed a small tool shed advertised: “Roughneck 3-ft x 5-ft Gable Storage Shed (Actual 2.3-ft x 4.6 Feet)”.  So they were inflating the size by over half a foot.  They do this for HDTVs too.  When you see a 55″ Class TV, it’s actually 54.5 inches.  So anyway, know what you’re getting when you buy that “pint” of icecream.

Because of complicated tax law, Apple used an interesting tactic to avoid taxes in one case.  They set up a corporation in Ireland to hold a bunch of money.  Ireland taxes companies based on where you operate.  Apple operates out of the US.  The US taxes you based on where you incorporate, which was Ireland in this case.  So they just didn’t get taxed on the money.

I was thinking recently about financial products you only buy because someone actively sells them to you.  Timeshares and variable annuities come to mind.  If someone tries to sell you one of these, run!  Timeshares are almost impossible obligations to be rid of even if you pay someone to take them.  Variable annuities promise continuous income under any circumstances but are full of such high fees that they destroy any benefit.

I hear recommendations that you should wait until February 15 to file your itemized taxes this year.  This is because the tax rules are so full of last-minute changes that financial institutions might take that long to send you your 1099 forms.  Of course, if you’ve already filed, party on, dudes!