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Vanessa and the kids got some caterpillars and grew them from chrysalises to butterflies.  One little-known fact about this process is that the butterflies produce a red liquid (meconium) when they emerge…it looks like blood.


A previous coworker pointed out to me that you can freely shake a cold can of soda without fear of it exploding when you open it.  The explosion effect is mainly a result of warm temperature.

If you were invisible, wouldn’t you be blind?  Instead of the light hitting the receptors in your eyes, it would go right through.

A few years ago, we added an external glass door to our south-facing front door.  Don’t do this.  The glass helps trap heat and turns the whole thing into an oven.  It gets hot enough to burn you and has damaged the paint on the front door.  As the site says, “Never add a glass storm door if the exterior door gets more than a few hours of direct sun each day. The glass will trap heat against the entry door and could damage it.”  Would have been nice to read that a few years ago.


In case you’ve ever wondered, here’s why passenger aircraft wings curve upward at the tips. (They reduce drag and save around 6% on fuel.)