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I started using My Fitness Pal to track my food and exercise.  It’s funny to look at the food reports after tracking things for a while.  I can tell whether a given report is for something healthy or tasty by whether it goes below or above the goal line.  For tasty things, the graph is usually above the goal line.  For healthy things, it’s usually below the line


Had some interesting food today.

The Good

Mishkaki skewers, veggie samosas, curry corn, and short ribs at Safari Grill.  African-style food…quite tasty.  Some of it reminded me of Indian food too.  I’d recommend the place.  It’s near Panera on the west side.

After that, we went to the Golden Crown Panaderia for “the world’s best coffee milkshake“.  It was very good…I guess it better be good at over $6.  Vanessa said she saw them make the espresso for it on the spot.  It reminded me of the Cold Stone coffee milkshake, which is also pretty good.

The Bad and the Ugly

Steak Sriracha Quesarito…only Taco Bell could come up with such evil.  Imagine a Czechoslovakian lumberjack whose only experience with Mexican food was that he once ate a potato chip.  Then this guy was put in charge of Taco Bell food development.  This food item would be the result.  Tasted like fish with sour cream.

Ate at Sara’s Pastries and Deli near work on Jefferson at lunch.  They have some regular deli sammiches, but also a few Peruvian items.  I had an empanada and a red tamale.  I don’t usually like the taste of tamales for some reason, but I liked this one.  Tasty stuff.  Too bad I didn’t have time to try one of their tasty-looking desserts.

We ate at Pita Taza…a Middle Eastern fast food place on Paseo and Wyoming.  We got the meat and veggie combo plates…quite tasty!  Only thing missing to me was whatever that spicy shawarma sauce is that they have at Yasmine’s.

The story behind the inventor of Sriracha.  Funny that he mentions “We don’t make mayonnaise here” but Subway was testing a kinda Sriracha mayo combo.  (ew)

Vanessa and I ate at Namaste in Rio Rancho.  Along with the Indian food, we got some veggie momo.  (Excellent name for a band.)  It’s basically dumplings.  For dessert, we got some rasmalai, a cream cheese-based dessert that reminded me of cheesecake.

Yasmine’s Meat Combo #1 and Veg Combo #1.  Dump some of their hot sauce on the shawarma and it’s one of the best meals in Albuquerque!

Get the box o’ frozen yakisoba bowls at Costco.  Dump in Sriracha, and you’re golden.  Keep a bottle of Sriracha in the fridge at work, under your desk, in your closet, and taped to your back.  You never know.

I ordered udon the other night.  It was kinda bland and I was thinking, “This would be really good with Sriracha.”  I say that about almost all food now, so I think I have a Sriracha problem.  Without Sriracha, food is just 2D.

Went to Los Cuates the other day.  With their chips, they serve a weird combination salsa that tastes like it has barbecue sauce in it.  Some of their dishes come with regular salsa, so maybe they have some available.