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Most of the old Doctor Who episodes can be summarized as:

Through some accident, the Doctor teleports somewhere beside his intended place or time.  He ends up in the middle of some bad science project or military situation.  Everyone assumes he’s trying to sabotage their project or military situation.  After his he and his assistants are captured and rescued several times, he finally convinces people that he knows what he’s doing and saves the day.

Throw in a lot of bad alien costumes, plodding dialog, and gravel quarries…not that any of this keeps me from watching it.  :)

The Aquabats! Super Show! is now on Netflix streaming.  It’s low budget, corny, and pretty funny.  (burger rain)

Vanessa said this dog reminded her of someone.

Google Michael Dorn.  He doesn’t look the way I remember him.


The Aquabats! Super Show! looks pretty amusing.  Here’s a clip:  Burger Rain.

Many documentary shows on cable are just there to string you along for an hour to get you to watch 17 minutes of commercials.  One such show is The Detonators.  It’s about 40 minutes of boring preparation before the building is finally demolished in the last five minutes.  We had fun yesterday just watching the last 5 minutes of several episodes.  They usually show the same guy in a hard hat doing a fist pump.  “It blew up.”  You could watch Mythbusters this way to see their best experiment in the last five minutes….but it’s not so boring that you need to.

15 Years before the Cosby Show was the Bill Cosby Show.  Hilarious theme song.  Cosby sings the nonsense lyrics.

Man v. Food is an insane TV show where a guy travels the country eating huge, unhealthy dishes at various restaurants.  They filmed an episode in Albuquerque.  Here’s a clip where he sees how Frontier’s super-unhealthy cinnamon rolls are made.

My brother-in-law sent this mug as a birthday present.  It holds 6 gallons of coffee!  (Little TARDIS joke for ya there.)

We watched Hoarders last night.  Vanessa says Kelly Rippa watches the show and it keeps her awake after she watches it.  It reminded me that a friend of mine is now renovating the 2nd hoarding house he’s bought to sell.  This was a cat lady with 20 or more cats.  The drywall was ruined 18 inches down, all over, due to spraying.  Collapsed roof in one room.  They had to go in with gas masks.  The former occupant had ended up living in a small area near the front of the house.  So, remember to go and get rid of some stuff…RIGHT NOW!

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