UPDATE:  Last I tried it, Adblock doesn’t block Hulu ads.  I don’t currently know of any free way to do it.  The rest of this post was written at a time that it worked.

Did you wonder why Adblock Plus was blocking Hulu commercials and then stopped working? The default adblock plus list (easylist) seems to have some exceptions that break the Hulu commercial blocking. Go into your Adblock Plus preferences and disable any lightningcast or hulu exceptions that begin with @@. Then, these adblocks should work:


This is blocking commercials. We’ll see if it continues to work.

UPDATE:  Hulu commercial blocking doesn’t work anymore using adblock.  I’m guessing Hulu watches for methods to block their commercials and blocks the blockers.   At best, you’ll get a 30 second static screen that complains about not reaching the commercial server.  Hulu’s been pretty useless to me anyway, since they only carry 5 episodes at a time.  I want to see an old season…not 5 measly new episodes where I don’t know the background.

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  1. Ian says

    Where do you watch shows where there are full seasons?

  2. nathanx says

    As far as I know, full seasons of TV are unobtainable for free online. They’re basically gold to the networks. They just want to show you enough to get you hooked and hope you’ll either buy the DVDs or start watching with commercials.

    There are ways to pay for them though. I prefer Netflix Streaming, but their selection isn’t good in some cases. If they don’t have it in streaming, I’ll just get it on Netflix DVD. Hulu Plus ($10 a month) is starting to come out, but is invite-only right now and has commercials to boot.

  3. Ronny says

    Well, I for one am NOT willing to watch commercials let alone PAY FOR THEM!!!!

    I simply mute my speakers and look away for 30 secs to one minute… but it is a WASTE OF TIME!!!

    I am now getting to the point of not watching at all. I am considering deleting my HULU account and finding something else to do in my spare time.

    Will they EVER learn??? Actually, I doubt it as they are greedy!!!!

  4. fsck hulu says

    since the hulu “people” are paying attention

    $9/mo? what are you thinking? tv only? no way!

    I’ll spend that somewhere else for zero commercial programming

  5. Jack says

    SurfTheChannel.com has lots of TV online for free. Its a little sketchy, I have gotten a virus from the site, but not since I started using Adblock Plus (the malicious list is an easy and awesome extra layer of virus protection). I’ve of course never gotten a virus from the site on a Mac.

  6. NamesDontMatter says

    As for hulu , use peerblock 1.0 and find your lists with list.iblocklist.com

  7. NamesDontMatter says

    and netflix stinks, had it for free for a while and even then it was barely worth using much less paying for.

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