Free Visual Studio

Author: Nathan | Date: November 12, 2014 | Category: programming

Today Microsoft announced Visual Studio Community edition.  It’s basically Visual Studio Professional free for teams of 5 or less.  Good opportunity to learn the Microsoft stack if you were ever interested…but it’s also a great javascript/html editor.

Saw Hero

Author: Nathan | Date: November 10, 2014 | Category: humor

I had no idea sawing could be so awesome.

Primus and the Chocolate Factory

Author: Nathan | Date: October 15, 2014 | Category: music

Primus covered the songs from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Definitely on the weird side.  You can hear it here.

Stop Java update from pestering you about taskbar

Author: Nathan | Date: October 15, 2014 | Category: technology

In Control Panel, go to Configure Java.  Go to the Advanced tab and scroll down to this:



Check Suppress sponsor offers.

Calicos are female

Author: Nathan | Date: October 3, 2014 | Category: Uncategorized

Apparently, most Calico cats are female.

Ingress phone game

Author: Nathan | Date: September 30, 2014 | Category: videogames

I’ve been trying a game on my phone called Ingress.  It’s a GPS game where you gain points or energy by walking around.  It doesn’t work at driving speeds…you have to walk.  (It was initially developed by Google to get people  to photograph monuments and public things they were looking for images of.)  There are 2 teams.  At some monuments or public areas there are “portals” that can be captured by either side.  To capture a strongly held portal, you’d either need to walk around a lot to get energy or bring a lot of people from your team.

I joined the Enlightenment because it seems to be the losing side and I wanted a challenge.  :)  Everybody picks the Resistance.

32’s in the 64 folder. What’s on second.

Author: Nathan | Date: September 11, 2014 | Category: Windows

I had a problem where I would create data sources in BIDS but they wouldn’t show up in the ODBC administrator.  Today I learned that there are 2 ODBC administrator programs…one 32-bit and one 64-bit.  The 32-bit system files folder is called SysWOW64.  The 64-bit folder is called System32.  Of course it is.  (WOW stands for Windows On Windows.)  Making things worse is the fact that the 64-bit ODBC administrator executable is also called odbcad32.exe.

How to find the good LittleBigPlanet levels

Author: Nathan | Date: August 31, 2014 | Category: games

If you play LittleBigPlanet on PS3, you may have tried some of the community levels and found them to be mostly just ripoffs of other games.  The best way to find the good levels is to go to the community->search page, and search for most hearted.  The quality levels are hidden there.

Also, Sean proved that there’s nothing funnier than calling someone a hacker in local multiplayer.

don’t try Netflix over your cell connection

Author: Nathan | Date: August 31, 2014 | Category: technology, the web

This may go without saying, but don’t try Netflix over your cell connection.  I recently tried it for a while because I was amazed I even had enough speed to do it.  Before I knew it, my speed was throttled because I was over the 2.5 GB limit.  It goes fast.

Texas coastal trip

Author: Nathan | Date: August 31, 2014 | Category: travel

We recently went to visit Vanessa’s brother in the Galveston, TX area.  We spent a lot of time in the nice warm ocean water.  Always a joy.  Galveston is a long, thin island with beach house after beach house on stilts.  We went to Moody Gardens and saw a sloth, vampire bats, and some neat plants.  I also got to do the zip line…High up some stairs, they have an obstacle course where you can face your fear of heights while safely secured to a rope on tracks that follow you around.  We got to go to the NASA space center and see some huge rockets and some pretty cool exhibits.  Your face apparently turns red in zero gravity, from some videos we watched.  Vanessa’s brother has a DJI Phantom drone that he flew around for us.  He even had some goggles so that we could see what the drone saw.  Amazing stuff.  He also got Bluetooth-controlled paper airplanes with a propeller and rudder that you control from your cellphone…great idea.  We’ll have to experiment further to get them working.  As far as Texas in general, we saw a lot of cowboy churches, which I’d never heard of.  We ate at Braum’s because I heard it was good.  Can’t recommend it.  We also stopped at Dyers BBQ in Amarillo, which was pretty good.