2/4/2004 lunch

Mum-in-law kindly took us out to Black Angus.
They occasionally put coupons in the newspaper for
“your weight in foodstuffs for less than our normal rate”…well,
not exactly that, but close. So today, it’s leftover garlic
mashed potatoes and prime rib.
Guess that makes me a meat and potatoes man today. Feel my bicep.


Why is James Brown green?

Vanessa and I were talking about the problem of friends who gladly
give your email address to random websites to send you “things of interest”
(which then sell your email address to spammers or spam you themselves
because they have a “prior business relationship”).
We theorized that one should have two personal email addresses. One would be
johnfornetsavvypeople@whatever.com and the other,

Don’t you love it when there are bagels in the break room and you
go for the blueberry spread and need a sweet bagel. The only
ones around seem to be jalapen~o and plain. You carefully
select a plain one to go with the sweet blueberry spread.
You bite into it all and it turns out to be a garlic bagel.

We have an old Amiga 500 sitting in the closet taking up space.
Vanessa was looking up the going rate for them. They go for about
And that’s usually with extra add-ons.
Bleh. Anybody feeling nostalgic?

My coworker works on the computer system that automatically
answers customer calls. I asked him how people respond to it. He
said in the initial stages of the project they had to listen to
some calls to see how it was going. The system was pretty obtuse at
that time and many times it would say, “I’m sorry, I didn’t understand that.” He
said that some old lady was saying, “No, again, you’re not listening! Here’s
the deal. My grandson came in and was messing with the lights…” And
she went on and on as though she were talking to a person who could
understand her.

My progress last night on training with
was pretty pitiful.
You figure out after a while how the steps author intended for you
to move your feet and this one has some pretty unintuitive stuff
like putting your right foot on the left arrow first in some
sections. Most crossovers happen later in a section…not immediately,
but this song seems to be an exception in some places.
The step charts
at DDRFreak help you to rehearse how you would go through a song.


John Peel says,
“I’ve always loved the word ‘molybdenum’.
I’ve dreamt most of my life of owning a piece of molybdenum.
I don’t know what it looks like or if it’s fantastically valuable
or radioactive and would kill me in seconds or what
but I want to be able to say, ‘this is a piece of molybdenum.’
Well, it never happened. Who can tell?”

A coworker who is into more professional photography showed me his 6 megapixel
camera and let me take a shot with it. He sent me the file and it’s 3 MB.

Craig Charles (Lister on Red Dwarf) seems to now have a
radio show
on BBC 6 Music.

While looking at baby stuff on the web, Vanessa found what
looks like a
knitted Magneto skull cap.

1/9/2004 lunch

Spanakopita at Nick’s with Rob. Pretty good. Much better than frozen thing!
Addendum: I had a reward gift certificate at work so I went to
Cold Stone creamery and had cinnamon ice cream with Kit Kat. It’s alright.
Definitely not as bad as I theorize cinnamon ice cream could be.


Bacon is like way awesome!
Don’t forget the ground pork for the food lab!

I was just listening to BBC
6 Music
and heard King of Rock and Roll by Prefab Sprout.
Oddly, it mentions Albuquerque in the chorus. Not a bad little
80s song either. In fact,
a tiny version of the video (quicktime) from their website.

We went to the Best Buy in northwest Albuquerque last night and
picked up the eyetoy. It’s pretty fun and, as I thought it might be,
a good workout. Vanessa
faced her worst fear
and entered the matrix.


Tried to pick up an EyeToy
at Best Buy last night. They were sold out. I bet it was
because they were running one on a huge TV as a demonstration.

I caught a cold. The first day, I was thinking, “Is that all you got?”
I shouldn’t have said that because it got much worse. Now I
am in Tylenol cold medicine drowsiness.

Cookie’s ear infections were bad enough that her head shaking caused
a hematoma in one ear. They had to take care of it at the vet
and then taped down one ear and put one of those lampshade things
on her head. (Always rather amusing.) Alas, she may need
surgery if the hematoma comes back. Basset hounds are historically bred
as scent hounds and as living medical disasters.