Vince pointed me to some amusing
Japanese PS2 commercials. (windows media)
One of the commercials looks like a puzzle game played with talking peoples’ faces.
Alas, it seems the actual game doesn’t like that. What an idea!
Another commercial features a big ball of random objects
rolling through the streets. Another features Ratchet blowing up a poor nerd
boy’s love letter.

Ah, the cousin nerd new year’s party was a delight. We were up till
5 AM gaming on new year’s. And then it was more the next day.
I volunteered to the wife not to game today after the recent marathon.
One cousin brought his Xbox and Gamecube. I tried
DDR Ultra Mix
on the Xbox over the internet against three strangers. I could
hear some of them talking over their headsets. I think I won
one match in four. My accuracy is not so good, I guess.


Last night, I tried setting up a little TV as a 2nd monitor for my computer.
Now I can theoretically watch AVIs on the TV while surfing the web on the other.
Haven’t learned how to switch from a game to the other monitor yet, if that
is possible.

Tonight is super nerd cousin new year’s party 2004. (Or is it 2004?)
There will be Mario Kart: Double Dash and Rise of Nations aplenty.
Corn will also be served.

My grampa got a telescope with an automatic controlling motor that
could be run from a laptop. I hadn’t tried it yet, but I helped
him setup the software on the laptop. I registered the
software to Jack Horkheimer of the Stargazer Corporation.