Please sir, I want some more.

We watched the Oliver! musical on Netflix.  I looked up gruel.  It’s basically Malt-O-Meal if you’ve ever had that…a thin hot wheat-based soupy stuff.  Porridge is a thicker version of gruel.  I like Malt-O-Meal with butter and sugar, but I’m guessing Oliver didn’t get any of those in the orphanage/workhouse.  Come to think of it, my kids have never had malt-o-meal.  Time to let them try it.  And if they ask for more, they’ll have to talk to the administrators!


I’m eating a tamarind for the first time.  I’ve had them in candies or other things, but never straight.  On the outside, they look like a giant peanut.  Inside, they’re covered with a kind of threading surrounding the fruity part, with hard seeds inside.  You can’t eat most of it…only the thin fruity covering around the seeds.  It has a kinda sweet/sour A1 fig newton taste.  Not bad or anything, but I don’t know if I’d go out of my way to buy them.

Doner Kebab House

I grabbed the $5 special at the Doner Kebab House on Central near the Gizmo Store.  It’s actually in the back of a convenience store.  (Hey, space is expensive downtown…my dentist is in a house.)  I forgot to ask what the special was, but it was tasty…I think it was a beef kebab with pita, rice, and salads.  Probably my favorite cheap downtown lunch at the moment.  I’d go there again.