What's that picture on the save icon?

The antiquated save icon should probably go away now.  Younger people may not even know what that picture is supposed to be.  In case you don’t know, it’s a floppy disk.  They were plastic squares the size of your palm that held a pitiful amount of data.  You could fit thousands of them on a USB stick.  They failed all the time and I don’t even install them in my PCs anymore.  I’m not sure what tiny, obvious picture should replace it.  Hard drive pictures are generally kinda technical and mysterious looking, so they don’t obviously mean “save”.  Funny how things you assume to be obvious are actually pretty antiquated.  I thought this one was obvious until I saw that someone on the internet was asking the question.

When Test is not the same as Prod

One time, at work, a program I wrote resulted in us having to restore our production database from backup. It turned out there was a process active in the production system that wasn’t in the test system. When my program cleaned up a table, this process started trying to reschedule old jobs as they were deleted. After reading this article about some errors that came up during the Apollo moon landing, it looks like I’m not the only one.