More odd frames per second

We recently watched Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader on blu-ray. Like 2012, it had this jarring effect where the low light scenes seemed to be filmed with a different camera and a higher frame rate. It’s odd that a higher refresh rate looks cheaper just because we associate it with cheaper TV broadcasts, rather than more expensive film. It’s technically better, but we’re just not used to it in a movie. Anyway, they probably should have made it consistent on the blu-ray. It looks like they’re switching back and forth between film and video.


I saw a movie in 3D Friday and was really impressed. One cool thing I noticed was that I actually had to change my focus between foreground and background as you do in real life. The theater charged $3.50 extra for the 3D version…I assume the projector is more expensive. I think you can keep the polarized glasses. They come in a sealed plastic bag and there’s a cardboard recycling box outside the theater where you can put them on the way out. I’m not sure how useful the glasses would be outside the theater. One cool thing to do with the glasses is to look in a mirror with them. Close one eye at a time and you can only see one eye at a time.

A little while back I saw a PC at Fry’s demoing 3D gaming. I thought I just remembered it using polarized glasses, but the ones on Nvidia’s site use LCD shutter glasses, which would be more expensive. I guess you need Vista/Windows 7, a compatible 120Hz monitor, and the shutter glasses. They have a list of compatible games. I was reading that it doesn’t work so well for some of these games, so it may not be ready for primetime yet. Anyway, it’ll be cool when it’s all working nicely. I wouldn’t buy any of this stuff yet.

Blu-ray is also planning to add 3D, but it’ll also require a compatible TV.

UPDATE: After reading this article on how theaters do 3D, I realize there is not much hope of using circular polarization on LCD monitors/TVs and that you probably always would have to use shutter glasses.

Like, will I ever see you again?

We were watching Star Wars: Phantom Menace last night and I was again struck by how bad little Anakin’s acting was. There are child actors who can bring a tear to your eye. Lucas had his choice of any of them and he picked that kid? At least he was consistent in picking a bad actor to play him in his later years, Hayden Christensen. Maybe when picking out and directing people, Lucas is like the really good developer who makes a really bad manager….the good starship captain who makes a bad admiral…the good squad leader who makes a bad commander…I’m outta cheese here. It seems like acting is somewhat like special effects. You usually only notice it when it’s bad. When the actors are doing their jobs well, you may not even notice. It just seems natural.

"Is my name on the other side of this fortune?"

We saw King of Kong last night on Netflix Watch Instantly. (Netflix needs a better name for the service.) Amusing documentary about some dudes obsessed with breaking old videogame records. It was like professional wrestling mixed with super-nerdity. Incidentally, Billy Mitchell went on to beat Steve’s record before the movie was even released. Now Steve’s trying to beat his record. Anyway, once you’ve seen it, you are amongst the tiny audience that would get the reference on this shirt.