At work, they’re going to have a volunteer dealio where we plant native plants near the river in a couple of weeks. I get to get up early on a Saturday and crawl in the mud. Yes, that’s right, it’s time for performance plans. 🙂

Vanessa found a sweet Pacman belt. If only I had the courage to wear such a belt around the office.

More Tron trivia. When Bruce Boxleitner (Tron) first saw the costume he’d be wearing in the movie, he said, “Where are the pants? Where are the pants??”

I just had a flashback to highschool…if I remember correctly, all highschool cafeterias have a deeply ingrained smell of bologna. The entire building area near the cafeteria also smelled this way. Such a depressing smell. It seemed to say, “You will never eat any tasty food again.” Is this still the case today?


Looks like this

Steamboy last night. Pretty good. It was the first time I watched anime with the dubbed version. Since the story takes place in Britain, I may as well hear Patrick Stewart’s British accent rather than Japanese. Also, it’s hard to eat while watching subtitled stuff. Also watched Star Wars 3 extras DVD. Learned that George Lucas doesn’t know what he wants until he sees his employees’ first attempts. Scope creep city, just like any customer. On a side note, we wondered if Netflix intentionally delayed 3 DVDs to be delivered just before the Christmas vacation.

We went to me parents’ house in Rio Rancho yesterday. Played Alhambra and Triopoly. Triopoly is a derivative of Monopoly with up to three boards (piled on top of eachother). Pretty much like Monopoly but more complicated. I also helped my brother set up a model rocket. I was wondering if the kit aims to teach you about rockets by making you wade through different instructions for each part of the kit. I was oblivious to the educational aims of the instructions and slapped it together as quickly as I could so we could fire it off before dark. The parachute opened halfway but at least it didn’t plummet to the earth. Ate own weight in pie.

We went to some friends’ house the other evening for a Filipino gathering. (Don’t eat the dinuguan!) I was going to connect to his wireless but he had some kinda super kryptonite WPA encryption with some insanely long code that woulda taken me 10 minutes to enter via a joystick on the PSP. He also remembered he had it limited to his MAC id so we didn’t bother. This reminded me that I probably ought to use WPA on my router. (Note to self.)

We had difficulty on the 25th finding a place for lunch that was open on Christmas. We saw some cars in the Oasis restaurant parking lot and went there. It seems to be a high-priced Greek restaurant. I tried some dessert and coffee that were both bitter with liquor. The food was ok but not worth the high price. Go to Koury’s deli instead.


We watched Primer last night. Most confusing movie I’ve seen in a while, but I still kinda liked it. Vanessa and I had to keep pausing it to try and discuss what was going on and figure it out. (I still haven’t figured it out entirely.) It’s a sort of science fiction movie without any special effects. Most amazingly, the engineer-turned-filmmaker made it on only $7000.


For months now, I’ve been using earbuds for convenience and comfort when listening to music or PSP. For some reason, I just picked up my big over the ear headphones and am listening to music. This reminds me of something I’d forgotten…bass. It’s fun! I guess my dream headset would be totally comfortable earbuds with lots of good bass and a mic on the cable for games. Most earbuds cause discomfort inside the ears. Big headphones cause outter ear discomfort after long periods and if you have glasses, forget it.

We watched The Goonies last night. Seems the DVD version is a different version than the previous one. Some scenes were added or changed. We thought the funniest part is when Ma Fratelli is chasing the kids through the caverns and is sorta making a breathing sound like a Rottweiler. In the news recently, you may have seen something about a very large giant squid. The squid is included in the movie! Data has to dispose of it using a small cassette player and some pop music. The Goonies R Good Enough video was included on the DVD and there’s a part 2! All this time, I wondered what happened to Cyndi at the waterfall, but I apparently only had part 1 of the video.

It be our anniversary today. 4 years, and good years they be! We be dinin’ tonight on sushi. Avast! Me mum-in-law will watch t’wee lad. Arrrrr! We’re potentially going to the balloon fiesta Saturday. Getting the lad up at 4 AM or whatever insane hour should be an interesting challenge.


Sean has gotten quite good at trying to “cutesy” his way out of trouble. I was letting him play the synthesizer last night and he kept turning up the volume and blasting it. He was getting in trouble for it, but then he’d do his “beautiful eyes” (blinking) and instantly get me laughing so that I had to turn my head.

Ach, no, Scotty‘s dead Jim! Perhaps he’s trapped indefinitely in a transporter buffer? Nah.

I tried my hand at emulating a Genesis on the PSP. Sonic crashed. Tried SNES. Ghouls and Ghosts runs really slow. With any luck, the these emulators will improve in future versions. They are only in their infancy.

Yesterday I was waiting for the bus home with my bike at the curb. There are 3 bike slots on the front of the bus. Later, two teenagers rode up and were hanging out with bikes in the area. When the bus came, they cut in front of me and blocked the street so they could take the last 2 bike slots. Khaaan! It took some effort to stay in turn-the-other-cheek mode. I waited for the next bus a while later. When we got to San Mateo, our bus apparently hit another bus. I didn’t feel or notice this because I was playing videogames and it must have barely been a bump. It took me a while to realize our bus was going to sit there forever and I finally got off and biked to the next bus stop and waited a while. Then, I noticed the digital sign said the next bus wouldn’t be there for 23 minutes so I decided to just ride my bike home. The worst part of all of this was that, while playing videogames, I accidentally figured out what the PSP Master System emulator “exit game and go back to ROM list” button is, after almost getting up mouseman in Wonderboy 3. As any player of Wonderboy III will tell you, this is true tragedy.


We watched Willow last night. I had forgotten that General Kael tends to shout everything in a monotone. “OPEN THE GATES!” “AFTER THEM!” “THIS BRIE IS MELTING!” “THIS ISN’T HOW MY MOTHER MADE IT!”

We got to play BF2 a bit more the other night. I tend to like being a squad leader. However, there seems to be a bug in the game where servers will say they have voice activated but don’t. So, I’ll be playing a whole game, telling my squad to stick together, threatening to kick them out of the squad if they don’t. Nobody does anything so I start kicking them. Then, later, I find out that voice isn’t working on that server and I was talking to nobody. Finally, I figured out that you should test your voice out first thing and make sure people can hear you. If they can’t, leave the server. I was thinking it would be amusing for a squad of six to just go to some isolated part of the level away from all the flags and just stand around in the woods and chat. The opposing commander would scan with radar and wonder what those six isolated dots are doing. It could be a good place for secret meetings, except you’d have to adjourn the meeting in case of artillery.


Vanessa was talking about how the computer at her mom’s restaurant is filled with spyware. I need to find some way to change the Internet Explorer shortcut to go to Firefox but still show up as a blue E so that the users would just think they were using Internet Explorer.

Vanessa says she may or may not have seen this guy at the mall where there were lots of possible movie trailers about. I bet minor stars get a lot of “Will she recognize me? Is she actually going to know my name? Nope, didn’t recognize me.” moments.

Wanted to clarify a few points about about America for tourists who might visit the U.S. We all ride horses and wear cowboy hats. When you meet someone new, the custom is to say, “Warbly wap der sipaday.” You must then come up with three words that sound the same but have different spellings and meanings. The funny look they will give you is a look of respect. Thank you. Carry on. (Yeah, don’t follow that advice, ok.)

What is a serif and how did it get in my cereal? That little hangy-offy thing on the tips of the letters in some fonts was originally to keep the dust from collecting on letters when they were carved into stone in ancient Italy.