Miguel Jackson

Google Play I’m Feeling Lucky Radio thought I’d enjoy Michael Jackson singing in Spanish:  “Todo Mi Amor Eres Tu” (“I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” in Spanish).  I must admit, it does have me giggling.  I have no idea how it’s trying to figure out my tastes, though.  It’s doing a pretty bad job of it.

Hindi musical distortion

I was watching a Hindi movie and it seemed like it had a reasonable budget.  But then the audio would sometimes distort…especially when they were singing.  It’s like they blasted all the levels until the sound was distorted.  From what I was reading, this is a weird style thing.  Why would you destroy the songs in your musical with this wacky sound effect?

all innocuous, all the time

I heard 103.7, The Oasis playing in a restaurant yesterday.  It’s smooth jazz…muzak elevator music type stuff.  Who would listen to that?  Is there a whole fan base of people who love extremely generic music?  “Have you heard that new album from John Smith?  It has lots of…instruments.”  I can only assume it’s targeted at businesses.

Indie was the dog's name

I’ve been playing with turntable.fm.

Fun stuff.  It’s a game-like music website where you can pick songs as a DJ or just sit there in listen.  You have a little character that stands in a room with many other characters and earn points when others like the song you pick.  Helps you find a lot of likable music you’ve never heard of.  Aside from obscure 80s stuff, I apparently like indie.  Indie?  Indie was the dog’s name.