on the code again

Back from the church camp meeting and gramma visit of last week. Several good lessons at the camp meeting. Vanessa played many rounds of volleyball. Gramma was happy to see the lad. We learned that Google Maps has some problems sometimes. Perhaps it’s the interface, but it mentioned a turnoff at some point that we never saw and continued onward for miles in the wrong direction before Vanessa noticed. (I would never have noticed and we would be in Canada by now.) A neat trick I learned in Google Earth is to plot directions from one point to another and “play” the directions. It does a flyover of the route.

unfrozen caveman programmer

We went over to Junction cave Saturday with some of my family and a friend from church. Sean seemed to like it. (Mental notes: cave sign on the road does not mention cave. Says El Calderon. Cave has 2 main branches. One branch includes short possible crawling through mud to a room. Other branch is lots of crawling with some belly crawling. Cave is cold. Gloves are handy. Cave is generally very rough pile of rocks for floor, so not for faint of heart. 3 watt LED flashlights are outstanding.)

Alas, Sean seems to have pink eye and is quite miserable. Gross medical tip. When extremely irritated, the eye produces a mucus coating to protect the eye. This might look like “skin” on the eye.

Vanessa hearts Loco Roco.

Monster Hunter Rally…Eh?

On my PSP, I have a game called Monster Hunter Freedom. *crickets chirp*. Yeah, you’ve never heard of it. Nobody in the US has. It’s a dinosaur-hunting RPG that has support for multiple players if they’re in the same room…you know…all those players in Albuquerque…ok, there aren’t any. But in the bizarro world of Japan, it’s hugely popular, as shown by this Monster Hunter Rally. This picture is astounding to me. It’d like being a fan of curling…not the ice sport, but actual hair curling…and then finding out they’ve added hair curling to the olympics.
I've never seen so many PSPs in the same room.

a day of comical car errors

Yesterday, we went to church in Deming in southern New Mexico. We walked around in the desert a bit with our friend, Eiland. He let me slide down a zip line he’d set up, along with many kid games that kept Sean amused. All over the ground was some kind of loco weed with lots of air-filled seed pods that you could step on and it would pop like bubble wrap. As we were leaving Deming, we felt a thump thump thump as we drove. Screw in the tire. Put on spare. Drove over to nearby shop and they repaired it. Wonder how they do that? It looked like gum protruding from the hole. Anyway, put the repaired tire back on, which took several times of jacking the car up and down, due to my incompetence. Drove to Hatch to get on freeway north to Albuquerque. Mistakenly headed south, wasting at least an hour’s time until Vanessa woke up and noticed the error. This reminds me, I need to start making sure I know where I’m going. Yeah, that’d be great.


We had a nice visit with family in Clovis. Ate a lot of tasty food. Me cousin’s off to college this week. I tried his Xbox 360 a bit. FPS games aren’t meant to be played with a joystick. A neat system as far as online stuff goes, though. He also had a DS Lite, which was quite bright. I had been playing my PSP on the road, which is quite difficult in daylight because of the glare. We played some MAME, which is always fun with three players. We played miniature golf. I think I got stomped, though our score-keeping left out a few scores. Many near misses for me. Back to work this week.

Eeee's back!

Back from vacation. Que lastima! We went to Riverwalk in San Antonio. We took the boat tour around the city. Very scenic. Went to Rainforest Cafe. We walked around the Alamo a bit, but I was unable to find the basement. We went to Sea World there as well. Sean seems to have had hand, foot, and mouth disease. Boy, that sounds serious! But it’s actually just a minor illness that babies get. Unfortunately, his cousin seems to have gotten it too, since it’s rather contagious. Vanessa’s brother took us all to Chuck E. Cheese for Sean’s pre-birthday. Today’s his birthday. Sean seems to freak out when everyone is looking at him and singing Happy Birthday. Starts screaming and crying. We went to the beach in Galveston, which was quite fun. I always love swimming in the ocean. Sean liked it too. Warm water. The sand was very fine there and got all in the water, making it brown. Also covered the car, but blew off as we drove. Ate at Mediterranean Cafe in Galveston…very good. Later ate at Jame’s Coney Island hotdog place…very good. On the plane ride back, I had a stomach illness of some sort. I was getting pretty nervous on the plane and had to make sure the little baggies were supplied. Fortunately, I didn’t have to use one and made it through without incident. That was Sean’s last free plane ride, since he’s two now.


Well, we’ve returned from San Antonio, where we were visiting Jeremy, to Houston with Vanessa’s brother’s family. Sadly, Jeremy’s MAME computer died the night before we got there, so we didn’t have major MAME sessions. Fortunately, he saved the day with several old consoles and some great older games. Had a good time, regardless of MAME unavailability. We got rare pictures of the Watsons! It was good to see them, since I haven’t in a while.