Walmart version, Supernanny

Vanessa got some Q-Tips from Walmart and noticed that the quality was much lower than usual. I think this was a case of the “Walmart version”. Many brands have to ship a lower quality version to Walmart, since Walmart insists on keeping the price as low as possible. In turn, the brand is negatively affected because people will associate them with shoddy merchandise. For example, Sony might be associated with more dead pixels on LCDs if they sell a low-cost Walmart version.

We were approached in the mall the other day by a woman asking if we had three kids because she was looking for families for Supernanny. We were thinking, what kind of gullible would you have to be to go into a reality TV show expecting anything other than total humiliation? I could only guess that some people value fame and/or money over dignity.

acceptable in the 80s

On the British show, X Factor (apparently something like American Idol, which is derived from the Brit show Pop Idol), there’s a singing duo called Jedward. Calvin Harris ran up on stage during their performance with a pineapple atop his head in honor of their rather tall hair. He was rewarded with a lifetime ban from the show. A lifetime ban from a reality show? Sweet!

Why Netflix Instant 4:3 doesn't take up 1920×1200

I called Netflix (the only way to get support…no email available). Anyway, I was calling about why the old Star Trek (4:3), on my 1920×1200 monitor doesn’t expand to the top and bottom of the screen, but leaves black borders. He said it’s a limitation of Silverlight, but that they’d fix it eventually. We’ll see. He said that they can only stream the video in a single resolution. To stream in multiple resolutions, he claimed Netflix would have to buy multiple licenses for the content. It seems to me like Silverlight could just scale the content, though.

bad-dle scene

I was watching a Babylon 5 movie that was supposed to be a pilot for a spin-off series, Legend of the Rangers. They never made it past the pilot movie. Anyway, the weapons system of their ship involves an overacting woman jumping into a tube and tube and floating around while throwing fireballs at other ships with her fists. It just has to be seen to be believed. Behold the pain of bad science fiction!

Re-fixing Hulu commercial blocking

UPDATE:  Last I tried it, Adblock doesn’t block Hulu ads.  I don’t currently know of any free way to do it.  The rest of this post was written at a time that it worked.

Did you wonder why Adblock Plus was blocking Hulu commercials and then stopped working? The default adblock plus list (easylist) seems to have some exceptions that break the Hulu commercial blocking. Go into your Adblock Plus preferences and disable any lightningcast or hulu exceptions that begin with @@. Then, these adblocks should work:


This is blocking commercials. We’ll see if it continues to work.

UPDATE:  Hulu commercial blocking doesn’t work anymore using adblock.  I’m guessing Hulu watches for methods to block their commercials and blocks the blockers.   At best, you’ll get a 30 second static screen that complains about not reaching the commercial server.  Hulu’s been pretty useless to me anyway, since they only carry 5 episodes at a time.  I want to see an old season…not 5 measly new episodes where I don’t know the background.