I saw a bit of Mexican TV this weekend and was thinking how silly it often is with the bad costumes and silly wigs and gameshows hosted by some random guy off the street. But then I was reminded that American TV can be much worse. Here’s a cringe-worthy example…Maury and picklephobia.

Da Cybermen is comin', innit?

I’ve been watching the new Doctor Who with the new Cybermen. Of course, like all re-imaginings of old sci-fi, the Cybermen start out as sleek metal robots with high-quality headphones. (But they’re from an alternate dimension…yeah, dat’s da ticket!)
You just KNOW this guy can breakdance.
Later, in the “future” of the old show, they somehow become clunky tin-foil covered handle-heads.
Lock up your baked potatoes!

Spelling Bee

We watched the National Spelling Bee a bit on TV last night. (It’s called a spelling “bee” because…well, nobody knows.) Those kids ain’t so tough. I can spell anything in the contest. For example, exsiccosis, E-X-S-I-C-autocomplete-enter. I thought it odd that most of the words were not even English. Apparently, the source of the words is “WebsterÂ’s Third New International Dictionary and its Addenda section”.

Knight Riders of Hazzard

I was watching a bit of Knight Rider at me bruvah-in-law’s. Although it seemed to try to bring a sci-fi angle, Knight Rider was basically a more technological version of Dukes of Hazzard. In this episode, there was an evil KITT called KARR or somesuch. It was driven by two simpletons…wasn’t this the same plot of a Dukes of Hazzard episode?


I have one of the new $10 bills. It is actually peach-colored for the most part. One odd thing about it that isn’t documented on the website is that there are little random blue pieces of lint embedded on the paper.

Apparently, Jeopardy! will begin screening using the internet. I hear that it might be using Flash. I can just see the potential contestant now. “Hello Alex. I’m John Smith. I don’t really know much about Russian history, but I’m really good at Flash disassembly.” Well, I assume this is only the first phase of testing. I’m guessing if you pass it, you go in person for the real screening where they’ll ask you questions in person. That’s when you’d look pretty stupid if you’d cheated to get there.


I’m watching The Prisoner DVDs. Midway through them, one of the DVDs includes an interview with one of the producers. I started watching it, but became increasingly nervous that he’d give away part of the series…maybe even the series ending. Sure enough, he started talking about some unknown facts of the show. Toward the end of the interview, he started talking about the last episode and I had to quit watching for fear of him giving away the entire thing. One interesting fact about the show was that the actor who played Number 6 pretty much created, produced, directed the series, as well as writing several episodes.


Snacking on Totoy Saging banana chips. They are greatly sweetened and quite tasty.

Ack! My super-comfy earbuds are dying! They are the only ear device I’ve ever worn that I could wear comfortably all day. They are slightly shaped, and I’ve been unable to find the same ones in stores. Normal over-the-ear headphones kill your ears with pressure after a while. Ear canal earbuds start to get uncomfortable after a while. What shall I do?

One morning, I caught a bit of a really bad infomercial for Dr. Ho’s Muscle Massager. Dr. Ho would hook up some electrical cables to people and they would spasm eerily as though they were convulsing.