I came up with a neat trick.  Start the answering message on your
answering machine with “Hello…” and then a pause.  Telemarketers
seem to often use computers to detect this “hello…” as a human and then
the real human telemarketer picks up the phone.  I was getting 0 messages
on my answering machine before.  Now I’m getting around 4 per day
from frustrated telemarketers hanging up on my answering machine while
I’m not at home.  It is to laugh!


Once again, I’m at Conexant.  I’ve not had to go into the clean room
yet.  Anyway, the hotel is at a more interesting location kinda near
some water…though it was too dark to see if it was the ocean.  Friend
Kelly and his fiance’e are visiting the general area.  A bunch of
us played tennis the other night.  A fun time was had by all.


I’ve been workin’ in the clean room…aaaalll the live long day. I’ve been
working on site at  Conexant,
flying out every week for about a month.  I’m getting a bit annoyed
about it all.  And so, “Grrrr”, I say, “Grrr!”  (Yes, I’ve forgotten
where commas go, how to spell teriyaki, and my middle name…the price
of being me.


We won two games of Age of Kings last night!  Amazing!  We never win!  Going
to LA next week for work to spend the whole time in a bunny suit. 
(I hate bunny suits.  In case you don’t know what they are, it’s this
smock and bonnet and booties that keep you clean in the fab where they
make the computer chips.)  My friend Brennan, on the other hand, gets
to wear much
cooler suits
(bad link) where he works.


Wow!  E3 had all the coolest new games! <sarcasm>
</sarcasm> There were hundreds of games.  Bright colors. 
I can see why they don’t let kids in…they’d hog up all the games. 
The PS2 was very impressive.  WCIII looked just like Diablo 2. 
I’m having a hard time telling the screenshots apart.   Here
are my pics from E3.


I go to E3 this week!
Went to Seattle.  Visited the  space
Ah, nothing like bowling at 2 AM in Japantown in San Francisco. Went bowling twice this weekend
through various coincidences.  I’m a pitiful bowler but you gotta love those shoes.  Unless you don’t.
I was getting most of my webpage traffic from a link my friend put to me in  Winamp
mp3 player.  Now they took out the external URLs in the program.  My ratings will crash!  🙁

Snowboarded in Santa Fe this weekend.  The snow were surprisingly good!  Minty!  And afterwards, went
to Tomasita’s.  Tasty!  Piñon cheesecake…mmm.

I saw a  The
Klingon Hamlet
in the bookstore the other day.  How are they going
to get the prospective buyers to come out of their parents’ basements to
buy it?

I just went to Köln Germany!

  • Supper can take up to 3 hours if you eat out. 
    They love to just visit and enjoy eachother’s company.  They also
    love their meat!  I ordered wiener snitzel at one place.  It
    turned out to be sorta just a breaded pork.  I saw a currywurst stand
    but I didn’t try any.
  • They love carbonated drinks.  Ask for
    water?  Carbonated.  They had a great citrus carbonated drink
    called  Silvetta. 
    I would make it my new coding drink if I could, but I’ve not seen it in
    the US.
  • No more techno or industrial!  Most everyone
    likes R & B and Rap (especially American.)  Quel dommage. 
    I went to this
    restaurant by the Rhein.  It was a very artistic looking modern-seeming
    restaurant.  They played R & B.  The waitress had a shaved
    head.  I thought she’d have to like industrial music.  I asked
    her what kind of music she liked.  Whitney Houston.  I went into
    a club.  Techno?  No.  Rap?  Yes.  Deutsch MTV
    had many  German rappers.
  • The radio was playing about 70% American music…but
    what Euro music they did play was cool…like Moby and so on.  There
    was this really bad cover of that new Jennifer Lopez song though. 
    It was sung in an emotionless German translation.
  • The CDs in the Media Markt I went into were
    not shrink-wrapped so you could just freely demo them in the store.
  • One of the few German musicians of interest
    I noticed was Sven
    (bad link).
  • American clothes are in.  Adidas. 
    Nike.  I couldn’t find a single T-shirt with any German on it. 
    Someday, they’ll be an honorary US state.
  • Mercedes and Volkswagens were everywhere.
    Mercedes taxis were very common.  There are other nifty vehicles like the
    Ford Ka and this Mercedes minivan was tres cool.  Almost all cars are new. Someone
    said it costs more to insure old cars there.  Wonder what they do
    with all the old cars?
  • They’ve got some  long
  • My middle name is Stark.  Last name is
    Alter.  Together these might mean something like strong elder. 
    There was an area in Köln called the  Alter Markt .  I guess that means old market.
  • As far as tourist stuff, there was the Dom
    Cathedral, Ludwig art museum, and a Roman museum.