long weekend

We took Sean swimming yesterday. He seemed kinda quiet when we had him in the water. Dunno if he enjoyed it much. Maybe it’ll grow on him.

A couple of days ago, we visited me bruvah. He’s painted his garage green, hoping it will work as a green screen of sorts, and it actually works pretty well! I look forward to playing around with that some more. We ate at Mi Chante in Los Lunas, which is a pretty good New Mexican restaurant.

The other day we hooked up grampa’s new Xbox 360 to his widescreen HDTV. Nice. Project Gotham Racing looked pretty good on it. I was amazed at the huge size of the electric and video adapter plugs on the 360. Grampa’s current project: a battery/gas-powered “hybrid” cart for driving around. He was also helping my Zelda cosplaying cousin make a hookshot. Looks kinda dangerous for a comicon. 🙂

Portable MAME

I’ve placed MAME and a bunch of ROMs on my mp3 player. It’s ready to run from there. Any computer I go to becomes an arcade machine! You could also do this from a USB memory stick. Also, concerning MAME, the current Windows version is kept at this site. I’m not sure why the creators of MAME focus on DOS and leave Win32 as an offshoot. I mean, who uses DOS seriously anymore?


The author of the classic Amiga game, Another World, has remade the game in high resolution. You can download the game here. You can play the first level, but have to pay to access the rest of the game.

I was reading about the “royal we” and it’s kinda funny. Speaking of royal, I was hearing on 6 Music that the queen has an ipod. Her fav song on there is apparently Jimi Hendrix – Little Wing.


Some quick notes: Broccoli and coffee combine to form what I think tobacco would taste like. We’re doing a trade of our old car with someone for some work on our backyard wall. Cleaning out car last night, we found old car is leaking antifreeze. Grrr.

Tried demos: AOE 3 = AOE 2 but better graphics. SW: EAW is complicated but could be fun. Trying to learn how to set up video podcast.


Here is an outstanding free remake of the classic Marble Madness game. That music reminds me of Tron. I hope they make some more levels.

We ended up buying a used Kia Optima with only 4800 miles on it. It had hail damage so it was somewhat cheaper than usual and even has some warranty left on it. Now for a day of car bureaucracy with purchase, emission test, registration, insurance, etc. I’m guessing that in a few days, after we’ve filled out paperwork and Vanessa has waited in many lines, they will make all of this doable from a single webpage. I get so used to the ease of doing things on the web that having to wait in long lines or fill out physical paperwork seems silly to me. As Josh would say, “You’re still using paper? It’s like a baby’s toy!”


It’s all over the news that a group of 8 people won the $365 million lottery. What I’d like to see when a lottery is over is a more realistic headline:
Lottery Over: 146 Million Losers
But no…all that gets hyped is the winner and the exciting message that YOU could win…and there are even more losers the next time. People need more concrete physical examples of how unlikely it is that a player will win the lottery. Go to a sandy playground. Behind your back, have someone place a single grain of sand somewhere on the playground. Now, turn around and throw your grain of sand. With any luck, you’ll hit theirs! Yay! Now, make the lottery ticket addict do this experiment a thousand times. Pick a number between 1 and 146,000,000. Is this it? No? Keep refreshing that page. I’m sure it’ll turn up eventually.

Google mail might be the stealth instant messenger. You know, there are those people whom you can’t get on any sort of IM…but they have a gmail address. Instant messaging is enabled by default on your gmail account. (Yes, you can disable it.) I added my brother’s gmail address to my list in GAIM and last night, I caught him checking his email and messaged him. Muahaha! He cannot escape me!

Vanessa and I played more Lego Star Wars last night. It has some pretty funny moments. There are a lot of cooperative puzzles in the game. Last night, we figured one out and, quite unexpectedly, the room we were in burst into disco lights and music and the nearby aliens at a control panel walked over and started dancing.


Today for lunch, it’s Thai Kitchen mushroom rice noodle bowl (dried…just add water) It tastes just like normal Thai food…from a post-apocalyptic nuclear future, where noodles grow in synthetic chemical baths and mushrooms are a distant memory reproduced using paper pulp. To be honest, I’m writing this review before I even taste it, because these dried noodle bowl things are usually terrible.

UPDATE: Eh, I give it a 2.5/5. I mean, how good can it be when the aluminum powdered mushroom spice packet is labeled “MUSH60204”?

I was just thinking that, when someone sees an acronym, they have a good chance of reading it as “blah”. For my own learning, I’ve translated one of my own paragraphs to replace the acronyms with “blah” to see what it looks like.

Now watch for blah being incorporated in nasty ways at the hardware level. It looks like the next victim of blah will be blah. If you buy a blah right now, it probably doesn’t support blah, which is the upcoming copy protection that will be used for blah blah. If you don’t have an blah chip in both the blah blah player and the blah, it won’t play at full resolution.

I hate acronyms…and yet I use them anyway.

Saturday was boy’s day out with Sean. I took him to the playground, toy store, CompUSA, and Circuit City. I think he had a good time overall. We got Lego Star Wars on the PS2. Main feature? The second player can drop in or out of the game at any time to help out. Now that’s how all games should be. Having a 2nd player in a cooperative game increases the fun so much. I guess nobody talks in Legoland. Everyone pantomimes in the cut scenes.


There’s this kinda dancehall reggae song by Matisyahu they’ve been playing on 6 Music. We were in Target last night and I heard the song playing from a TV. I looked up to see that he isn’t Jamaican, but a Hasidic Jew. You don’t usually seem someone with a fedora and long sideburns rapping. oyveyakasha.

Once in a while, I get pangs of Amiga nostalgia. Lemon Amiga is a nice little Amiga site. They even have their own nifty front-end for the difficult-to-use WinUAE.

Wonder if this lawsuit will be the end of teppan grill stunts. 🙁 We’ve almost been singed once or twice at teppan grills but it was great fun.

Vanessa and I went to Garduño’s for dinner last night as Sean’s gramma watched him. I gets the leftovers for lunch today. Huzzah! After that, we went to Best Buy. I tried that electric guitar PS2 game and tried to play a Ramones song. By the end of the song, I was having some fun. They say by the time you get really good in that game, you could have spent that time learning to play a real guitar.

I was trying to modify Mr. Cobol’s first C program. Meet Mr. Goto and Mr.badlynamedvariable. It must be King James C. Speaking of King James, look at this picture from an original King James bible print. It looks like the U and V are pretty much transposed from what they are today. What is their rule for when to use a normal S and when to use that S that looks like an F? The font, rather than sans-serif as you see on this page, seems to be super-serif. I guess if you’re going to the trouble of carving out a letter that will be printed a bazillion times, you may as well make it as decorative as possible.