It’s the Plastic Operator Folder video (mov) Catchity.

Meeting minutes from Nerdity 2006:
Finished Kingdom Hearts with its 5 endings. You think you beat the boss? Ha! He’ll just come back stronger the next 2 times. Never have I wanted a game to be over so much. I was getting tired of this “hurry back there so you can return to where you already are right now”. It was just getting to be not-fun. Then I remembered something similar with Final Fantasy 7. I think no more Squaresoft games for me. Dark Cloud 2 is more my style.

Ordered Papa John’s pizza over internet. Was up late one night with headache and not feeling so well. Have a cold now. Gaming and unhealthy food aren’t the best thing for the immune system.

Went to brother’s birthday party. He got an RC UFO that was pretty neat and simple to use. I got to try it the next day when it was charged. I landed it in the street and gave it back to him, since I was at risk of getting it run over.

Played more Sly Cooper…a game where you actually get direction on where to go next and what to do, rather than blindly experimenting for hours.

Watched a Dr. Who from 1970. It had crazy space mannequins. They used that idea in one of the new episodes too. As Kelly says, “Dr. Who doesn’t have special effects. It just has effects.”

Played BF2 (of course). Vanessa had ordered me an early Valentine’s present…a Sennheiser headset. That woman knows me well.

Family returned and we took Sean to Chuck E. Cheese’s. He was more interested in inserting the tokens and collecting the tickets than playing the actual games. He was quite unsettled by the animatronic characters and Chuck in the costume. Vanessa and I were going to go climb one of those rock walls until we found out it was outside and it was freezing out there.


Who doesn’t love them some robot songs? Probably the same people who hate pizza and chocolate if you must ask. Anyway, here’s Pete Radio‘s robot song podcast mp3.

Oddly, I was able to get through an entire Kingdom Hearts world last night. Must be an easier world than the underwater maze world. Like many Squaresoft games, it seems like most of the game is done by high quality artists, but one section, the spaceship part in between worlds, is done by Mrs. Bradley’s 6th grade class. Anyway, it looks like I’m in the home stretch of the game now. Now quit askin’ me, “How’s that videogame goin’?” Get off my back, people! (ha)


In the news, a woman lost 330 pounds by exercising and eating right. What? No insane fad diet of ham and bacon? No herbal supplement pills of quackery? No fat reduction surgery? That is news-worthy!

The Knife had a song called Heartbeats. Good pop synth song. Jose Gonzalez did an acoustic cover of it. Bad idea? You’re soaking in it.

Sean seems to have a molar coming in. It seems babies can get kinda sickly when those teeth come in so he has cold-like symptoms.

This morning as I was getting off the bus, I noticed the only other passenger I’ve ever seen with a PSP. I told him we ought to play wireless Burnout if he ever rides that bus. If his name is Newman, then everytime I see him, I can say, “Newman.”


It appears that you can download a few video clips from Kidd Video at this site. This was an 80s cartoon in which some live action characters get turned into cartoons in some musical world. (“Ay-ay-ay, we look like cartoons!”) The series originally included famous music and music videos. “When the series was re-run in 1992, all of the music videos were removed, and all of the pop music during animated sequences was replaced with an original song entitled ‘You Better Run’.” This was probably due to the prohibitive cost of licensing the music. Thanks for messing up an obscure 80s cartoon, RIAA!

Don’t you hate it when you’re just looking for a quick how-to on how to do something. You find a web page or book about it, skim through it, find the first example that does what you want, and do it. Then, it takes you a long time to figure out it seems to be a slow way to do things. Then you go back to the web page or book and find that the author was going through 5 idiotic ways to do something before they get to the best way. Must get paid by the word or something.

Bad games morning. Squeezed in a few minutes of BF2 before going to work. Public server, so of course I’m on the team where there’s no teamwork. Painstakingly and stealthily ride raft over to the faraway island, creep up to the flag to take it. denied. Repeat ad nauseum. In Burnout Legends on the bus, I was trying to win the sports car GP race. Racing on an insanely shaky bus is hard. Crash. crash. crash. crash. crash. crash. crash. Sometimes ya just can’t win.


Sean has gotten quite good at trying to “cutesy” his way out of trouble. I was letting him play the synthesizer last night and he kept turning up the volume and blasting it. He was getting in trouble for it, but then he’d do his “beautiful eyes” (blinking) and instantly get me laughing so that I had to turn my head.

Ach, no, Scotty‘s dead Jim! Perhaps he’s trapped indefinitely in a transporter buffer? Nah.

I tried my hand at emulating a Genesis on the PSP. Sonic crashed. Tried SNES. Ghouls and Ghosts runs really slow. With any luck, the these emulators will improve in future versions. They are only in their infancy.

Yesterday I was waiting for the bus home with my bike at the curb. There are 3 bike slots on the front of the bus. Later, two teenagers rode up and were hanging out with bikes in the area. When the bus came, they cut in front of me and blocked the street so they could take the last 2 bike slots. Khaaan! It took some effort to stay in turn-the-other-cheek mode. I waited for the next bus a while later. When we got to San Mateo, our bus apparently hit another bus. I didn’t feel or notice this because I was playing videogames and it must have barely been a bump. It took me a while to realize our bus was going to sit there forever and I finally got off and biked to the next bus stop and waited a while. Then, I noticed the digital sign said the next bus wouldn’t be there for 23 minutes so I decided to just ride my bike home. The worst part of all of this was that, while playing videogames, I accidentally figured out what the PSP Master System emulator “exit game and go back to ROM list” button is, after almost getting up mouseman in Wonderboy 3. As any player of Wonderboy III will tell you, this is true tragedy.


We watched Willow last night. I had forgotten that General Kael tends to shout everything in a monotone. “OPEN THE GATES!” “AFTER THEM!” “THIS BRIE IS MELTING!” “THIS ISN’T HOW MY MOTHER MADE IT!”

We got to play BF2 a bit more the other night. I tend to like being a squad leader. However, there seems to be a bug in the game where servers will say they have voice activated but don’t. So, I’ll be playing a whole game, telling my squad to stick together, threatening to kick them out of the squad if they don’t. Nobody does anything so I start kicking them. Then, later, I find out that voice isn’t working on that server and I was talking to nobody. Finally, I figured out that you should test your voice out first thing and make sure people can hear you. If they can’t, leave the server. I was thinking it would be amusing for a squad of six to just go to some isolated part of the level away from all the flags and just stand around in the woods and chat. The opposing commander would scan with radar and wonder what those six isolated dots are doing. It could be a good place for secret meetings, except you’d have to adjourn the meeting in case of artillery.


More wacky patents. What has Namco patented? Pac Man (described in really fancy language), scoring, and every other videogame idea that could be thought of by a 5-year-old. I tell ya, patent examiners need an English language de-obfuscator program. Of course, that’s probably already patented.

Evin and Erica and family came over last night, bringing with them Samba de Amigo…a classic game in which you shake actual maracas to the music. Pretty good game. It’s interesting all the specialized controllers they’re coming out with these days. Maracas, taiko drums, bongo drums, dance pads, cameras, feedback steering wheels, etc. Unfortunately, they all take up precious space where games formerly didn’t need physical space. Still, when they’re fun, they’re really fun.

Vanessa and Sean returned from being away for a few days. Good to have them back, but Sean has a cold now. Seems a miserable lad. I think colds really do make people miserable. Since he’s just a baby, his reaction to it must be entirely honest. Not old enough to put on a show. I have wondered in the past when I’ve had a cold and was moaning and groaning if I wasn’t exaggerating. Still, perhaps I’m a bit more vocal about it than necessary.

If you’re running Adobe Reader 6.0, you noticed that annoying banner ad at the upper-right in the program. To fix it, go to Edit->Preferences… Startup and uncheck “Show Messages and automatically update”.


I got up early this morning to go get a Sony PSP. This confirms that I am in the 99th nerdity percentile for people my age. The only place there was any sort of big to-do about it was at Best Buy where I saw a line forming outside. For some reason, I didn’t drive up and tell them that Walmart and Target both had plenty of them without the silly bundles. Target was overstaffed in expectation of the big rush that didn’t seem to happen. Alas, none of the stores I tried had the game I was looking for. Must be a bit rare. Guess I’ll just have to stare at the videos that come with it.

Update: I went to something like 5 different stores at lunch before finding Untold Legends at Toys R Us. One thing I will miss about the GBA is the fast load times. This game loads as slow as a PS2 game.

We played team Scrabble again last night. Once again, Gramma Peny’s team thrashed us soundly. We were using a pitiful 1976 dictionary for reference on challenges. Vanessa and I got away with 2 “bluffs” that weren’t in the dictionary. “biz” and “yo”. Gramma won with “jo“, which we stupidly challenged. It means sweetheart.


You can buy Pedro’s house…the one in front of which Napoleon Dynamite made that sweet jump.

When placed on “random”, an mp3 player seems to choose a favorite musician that it plays more than any other. My mp3 player’s favorite musician is Stereolab.

There is apparently a method to e-file your taxes for free through TurboTax. Haven’t tried it, myself.

We went to Clovis this past weekend to visit my aunt and her family. Brought along my sister and her baby who’s Sean’s age. We were going to come back Sunday but unforeseen circumstances occurred. We were borrowing Vanessa’s mom’s SUV because it’s probably more reliable than our own which needs a new muffler. After we arrived in Clovis, we noticed an antifreeze leak on her vehicle. We took it in and had to get it repaired in Clovis. They finished with the repair and we went to pick it up. It was still leaking. They did the second repair and it was an O-ring. So, we were finally going to be able to leave but then there was a large snowstorm between Clovis and Albuquerque, closing the Interstate. So, altogether, 3 days were added to the trip…sort of a surprise vacation. My aunt and family didn’t kick us out for some reason and were very kind, in fact. My uncle works incredibly hard at a clinic there. Since he founded it, he does something like 2 or 3 jobs at once. We spent lots of time playing with the babies. I also tried out my cousin’s Nintendo DS with its novel use of the stylus for games. For example, there’s one game where guys are falling from the sky and you have to draw trampolines for them with the stylus. We also played lots of Mario Kart Double Dash on Gamecube and trampoline ball with my cousins. Trampoline ball is a game my brother and I made up where you can’t touch the soccer ball with your hands or arms and whoever it touches before it goes off loses and has to retrieve the ball. My cousin showed me a cybercafe he’s helping to start up. They had Steel Battalion on HDTV with its $250 controller. They get a little silly justifying the controller because there are five switches that seem to be just for your “pre-flight checklist”. They had a couple of other HDTVs with XBoxes and DDR. Of course, there were lots of computers so we did a bit of LAN gaming. On the way back home after the snow storm, we occasionally saw abandoned cars that had swerved off the road in the snow. There was a long line of stopped traffic on the west-bound Interstate for what was apparently an oil spill. So, traffic was going from 75 to zero. Vanessa and I saw a semi slam into the back of the traffic jam. It ripped a semi trailer in half and spilled boxes all over. We could see the driver fiddling about with his seat belt so I guess he was ok.