We went inner-tubing this winter in the Santa Fe mountains at the Big Tesuque stop. We realized that inner-tubing is awesome.  Lots of cushion.  We have a 2-person joined tube with handles that works pretty well.  I don’t see it in stores anymore, though.  Sledding on a plain plastic sled looks like it hurts a lot more.  (We watched people slamming into the ground without any padding and getting the wind knocked out of them.)

The Job Away From Your Real Job

I got to play Job Simulator in VR the other night at the mall. It was a blast! They had an HTC Vive set up.  In the game, I was working in a small kitchen at a restaurant fulfilling orders. You can move around the small room and the motion is all realistic. I put my head into the freezer and started eating the food in there. I picked up some food and moved it to my mouth and started eating it. I moved things around with my hands to cook whatever was ordered. On the last order, I’d done something wrong and was about to run out of time so I just started playing around and throwing things on the stove, causing a fire. The display was a little more pixelated than I was expecting. And afterward, I was using my phone and had this weird feeling like I was still playing the game.

Deceptively difficult games

Why do games that seem to be kid-friendly suddenly ramp up the difficulty to an insane level?  Super Mario Galaxy, Rayman Origins, and Ori all have this friendly cartoony look to start…by the end of the game, you’re lucky if you’re getting through the game just by luck, trying the same level over and over again.

Well, anyway, as we just finished Rayman Origins, here’s the best song in the game.  Catchy

about catalytic converters

I was reading about palladium.

Me: “Palladium is a rare metal used mostly in catalytic converters.”

Vanessa: “What’s a catalytic converter for anyway?”

Me:  “I’m not exactly sure.”

Vanessa: “Great…so when I go to the mechanic and they say they need to replace the catalytic converter, I can say, ‘I don’t know what that is, but did you know that catalytic converters use a rare metal called palladium?'”