7/15/1999 lunch

Mykonos sausage in a pita thing with greek salad. And there was the
bittersweet baklava sunday. Sweet because I don’t usually have time for
dessert during a weekday lunch. Bitter because they seem to have doused
it in rum which made it taste very nasty. Yech. Also, the waiter reminds
me of C3PO.

7/9/1999 lunch

Blimpie’s Best. That’s pretty sorry for his best. Last time I went to
Blimpie’s, they gave me some sandwich with 5 lbs of meat. I think Blimpie
has an agenda against me. I knew immediately when they gave me that
horrid dijon mustard instead of that wonderful artificially dyed brilliant
yellow mustard I’m used to. Sometimes you get used to the cheap
stuff…take Jello brand cheesecake, for example.

7/6/1999 lunch

Papa Felipe’s relleno. Reasonably good food. But what’s with those tiny
tea glasses? The waitress, herself, admitted it would maker her job
easier to have bigger glasses. She was having to refill the glasses every
5 minutes. If YOU ever start a restaurant, think big when you talk about