6/28/1999 lunch

Mario’s tortellini. Better than what I’m used to there. Vinegary salad
dressing on the salad though and I can’t stands vinegar! Vinegar forced
my people out of their land, you see. How did they think of vinegar?
“Hmm, this wine seems to have gone bad. Perhaps it can be used as an

6/16/1999 lunch

Marie Callender’s teriyaki sandwich. One of the most wretchedly detestable
items I’ve ever tried to consume. Along with the expected teriyaki chicken
there was cheese, bacon, mayonnaise (very evil), and teriyaki syrup rather
than sauce. Intolerably soggy and greasy. I did not complete the
consumption of it. The kahlua cream cheese pie made it all worthwhile
though. Pie can fix many gustatory mishaps.