78% of my email was spam today. I think that’s a new record for me.
One says, “electronic ! embedded gentile nodular it’s horat..”. I’ll buy that for a dollar!

That’s right. My “lunch diary” entries will now be on this page.
Today for lunch, it was leftover
from Applebees. I have determined that ribs
are the most humiliating food item in existence. No other food is as likely to make
you look like a messy-faced cretin who isn’t coordinated enough to aim the food at his mouth.
There is nothing to be done about it but to hide in your cubicle cave,
grasp the meat in yer filthy, saucy hands, snarl, stick
it in your gaping maw, and snap your head to and fro to tear the meat from the bone.
If your coworkers see you,
growl and eye them suspiciously because they might try to take your meat.

I was thinking about the difference in the way Lucasfilm does movies
vs. how Pixar does movies. At Lucasfilm, George Lucas writes the script and that’s it.
At Pixar, someone writes it, but a committee storyboards it, votes things in and out,
re-storyboards it, re-votes, etc.

Sean’s favorite websites are Boohbah
and Elmo.
When he sees a computer, he usually says “Boohbah?” or “Elmo? Elmo? Elmo? Elmo? Elmo? Elmo?”.

We watched some episodes of Firefly, which is a space western with art direction by Jon Bon Jovi.
(just kidding)
In other science fiction things that don’t make sense, what’s with the high heels?
Why does a cyborg need high heels
in Star Trek or an armored suit in Bubblegum Crisis? Now let’s do the sci-fi rationalization…must be
some kinda important foot-based neuro-transmitter. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

I went to Best Buy to get Star Wars 3
and someone in the store was playing Call of Duty 2 on an Xbox 360. Wow, just like a PC. Someone
was also playing Guitar Hero on a PS2. He was a long-haired metal type, rocking on that
fake guitar…and all the women were flocking to him…well, maybe not. Sean got a toy that is similar
to that fake guitar, but not videogame related. I have yet to make one rocking sound on that thing.
Guess I’m no Kid Carpet.

The way you say an “animal sound” in each language differs. In Spanish, a rooster says, “ki-kiri-ki”.
Here’s a site
with all the most common animal sounds in various languages.

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