I went back to Kingdom Hearts last night where I’ve been stuck in that Little Mermaid world
for about a year. When I play Squaresoft games, I get frustrated with their gameplay.
“You need to get to this place to get this thing. No, you don’t get a map. No, you don’t
get any hints. Just frustratedly go through the entire maze of a level for every item you need.”
It’s not fun for me to repeatedly go through an entire maze for every little quest, only to miss some hidden
but vital passage where no hint was given. I just end up looking things up on the internet.
If I hear that Under the Sea MIDI song one more time…
The worst case of this I’ve seen was that Zelda GBA game. “Find this thingy. It’s somewhere in
the game world. No, I ain’t tellin’ you where. Just look under all the rocks or something.”

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