Ooh, the new Archos portable player
is slick. Mind you…a higher capacity hard drive would be nice…but it’s so small, I guess that
would be difficult at this point. And they’ve got
one that doubles at a PDA.
That’d be nice to have at meetings. 🙂 They’ve come a ways since the huge honkin’
Archos mp3 player I have.

I was just remembering that when we were kids, my grampa had a jukebox full of old 45s from
(I think) the 60s. Ah, it was great fun to see the huge colorful sparkly metal machine pull
out the chosen record with an armature and put it on the turntable. I also remember
getting upset that I had to go to bed one night because they were playing space invaders
on his huge projection screen TV. Coolest thing ever and I had to go to bed. Yeah,
my grampa is the gadget man.

I downloaded a full resolution 1920×1080 HDTV mpeg. My computer couldn’t
play it at full speed. Are there really displays with that high a resolution?
I guess “HDTV ready” doesn’t necessarily
mean 1920×1080.

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