Blender 2.4 is out. It has
a bunch of nifty features. Unfortunately, the features of Blender advance faster than
the documentation. If you search carefully through their documentation, you might be lucky enough to figure
out how to make a sphere in Blender 1.4. (I kid.)

I usually hate Belle and Sebastian, but this little lyric from Funny Little Frog makes me chuckle.

"You are my girl, and you don't even know it
I am living out the life of a poet
I am the jester in the ancient cou-et
And you're the funny little frog in my thro-et"

I took Sean to the playground this weekend and someone at a nearby park was flying
an RC plane of some kind. It seems there is a new generation of cheaper, more durable
RC planes that run on batteries, rather than gas power. However, I theorize that in
my hands, such a plane could still slam into the ground at high speed. After
seeing several RC planes land and be retrieved by someone, Sean is probably under the impression
that all airplanes in the sky are a couple of feet long. His word for “airplane” and “slippers”
is “apee”.

I think I got to the final boss in Kingdom Hearts. It’s difficult, but I don’t think it’s
impossible. What’s really hard to deal with is the gamer’s worst nightmare…ye ole
unskippable cut scene. Ah, I get watch it over and over! Here is how I picture the conversation
during development of a game.
“Well, Johnny Coder, on this project we need heat blurred textures, motion blurring, and shadows
on everything.”
“Ok boss, no sweat. Is that all?”
“Well, I’m afraid there is one other thing. We need to allow the player to press a button
to skip a cut scene.”
“Are you insane, boss? Do you know how difficult it is to do that? The processing power
and man hours required to do that are staggering! If you ask for that, I’m afraid I’ll have to quit.”
“Ok Johnny. If it’s really that hard, we’ll leave it out again. I guess the hardware
just isn’t up to it yet.”

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