One problem with google is that it ignores what it considers to be punctuation. Search
for Pro*C and you can’t really find it very well.

Cousin Josh came over this weekend as well as Kyle and we played Rise of Nations and some
poorly translated Japanese arcade games in MAME. We the evil monstrous defeat. It is the OK!
Recall, the meal to not fire upon! We also took Josh to Koury’s deli for the famed
feta gyro plate. He enjoyed it. Alas, while we were there, Sean had a system meltdown.
Worst accident I ever seen. A class 5 diaper change in a tiny bathroom floor is a rather
difficult thing. And then after 15 minutes of this grueling process, I began to wonder
how my leg had gotten wet and noticed a mysterious puddle on the floor. Vanessa has a minor
surgery coming up so she’ll need a lot of help with Sean. I’m taking a couple of days off work
and I think I have me work cut out. As Popeye said, “I ain’t man enough to be no mother.”

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