We are trying to figure out an idea for a Firefox commercial. We have several
possible ideas and it would help if you
told us which idea you prefer. Please read the 3 ideas on this page and
email me with the one you prefer. 1, 2, or 3. (Voting ends Friday.)

It’s the top 10 science myths,
including the one about dogs having
mouths than humans. (Yeah, that one got me.)

Google video
now has an option to download the videos to your PSP. I tried it last night,
but it didn’t name them with the weird file names the PSP likes. Have to do that yourself, I guess.

I started setting up abqchurch.com. It caused some confusion in
my website domain setup. jigbot’s front page was briefly down and then briefly
an exact copy of the real thing! Confused? Me too.

There are a bunch of film crew trucks in downtown Albuquerque this week. They are always careful
to leave their trucks entirely unlabeled. Don’t want people hounding the stars! 🙂
Here is a website about filming in New Mexico.

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