I watched the first season of Max Headroom. In general, the soundtrack was synths, but the season finale had a bunch of guitar solo at the end…and that’s how you know it was the 80s. Guitar solo was to the 80s as cowbell was to the 70s. Can’t let anything escape without a guitar solo now, can we? I took a screen capture of Max as my desktop.

Well, tonight begins Nerdity 2006 for me. I spend a couple of days doing nerdly things. Let’s see…what’s for dinner? Taco Bell would be appropriate, I think. In case you don’t live in the US and don’t know what Taco Bell is, it’s a fast-food place with horrid pseudo-Mexican food that I am drawn to for some inexplicable reason. I think it breaks every rule I have about what good food is. I think it’s like my cousin who’s recently been listening to all the Billboard 100 mp3s. He hates it, and yet he does it anyway. Reminds me a bit of this verse.

I remember laughing at this commercial for some game design college on TV about a year ago. I was wondering if it was filmed in the nineties or something. My cousin was wondering why the commercial says, “Not intended for residents of Texas or Massachusets.” We figured that these 1337 coders are doing some kinda fancy assembly code using PS1 joysticks. No ordinary programmer can do that. My cousin says that there is certainly no Texan or Massachusettsese person who can. If you’re interested in acting, be sure to watch the subtle performances in this video. They must have gone to the Hayden Christensen School of Acting.

Anakin in a moment of shock/sadness/happiness/anger or something.

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