This is a neat idea…a personal wind turbine. Saves money
on your electric bill. This is based in Britain though. Wonder if neighborhood associations
would veto this sort of thing. Imagine one of these on the side of every home and the electricity
it would save.

Vanessa’s surgery went well. I’ve been trying to do more caring for Sean during the nights
so she could recover. He got a nasty cold which makes it impossible to get him to sleep sometimes.
We went to Peralta to celebrate me bruvah’s birthday the other night. Played a bit of
Milles Bornes (French driving card game) and sang. Sean seems a bit afraid of horses at the

I put the auxiliary PC in the living room as a media PC for streaming video/pictures/web on the TV.
Slowly putting in parts like wireless ethernet card to make this possible. It was nice playing
BBC 6 Music on the main stereo. CompUSA has a wireless
keyboard/mouse for $30. I just need to get a vid card with a TV out for it. I’m tempted
to use this as an excuse to upgrade my comp to an Nvidia 6600 GT card and put my current one in there.
You can tell the 6600 GT is a good card because it usually has very scary monsters on the box.
Some of them are even putting
scary monsters on the card’s fan!
Yeah, I need something with another fan in my computer because it only sounds like a Cessna right now.

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