A coworker wrote on his dry-erase board: MORPHOGENETIC FORK OIL

Need to give a CD to someone but don’t have a case? Here’s how to make a little cover out of a sheet of paper.

Ya know, if you’re going to get a laser pointer, why mess around with any of those little red pointers. How about a 125 mW green laser? $660…just add 2 AAA batteries and you’re popping balloons and slicing butter. go to this page Click “I agree” at the bottom. Next, click the Elite tab around the middle of the page. The 125 mW laser is at the bottom of the page. Do not point the laser at anything living. Do not feed the laser after midnight.

I took Sean to the playground yesterday. A dad was teaching his kid to fly his RC helicopter. It didn’t look easy and the kid seemed to be losing control of it. It started spinning and got farther and farther away from them. Fortunately, they had no catastrophic crashes.

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