My relatives were talking about how they used to squish beads of mercury around in their hands
and play with it. Doesn’t sound like
a very good idea.

Sean began belly crawling this weekend. Of course, he immediately went for electrical plugs
and things he could pull down on top of himself.

I’m getting a lot of fraudulent paypal emails on my public email address.
For example, they’ll say “we need you to login to verify your information” (probably
with a credit card number). The email displays a legitimate-looking link that shows
But the actual link goes to something like
http://www.pahamradio.net/smra/styles/p/pp/paypal/ An unknowing victim would click on
the link, give them all private info and boom, identity theft. This is called phishing.
I see that pahamradio.net is a website that’s been cracked. The site says,
“Un-root 0wnz your system irc.gigachat.net – channel un-root”. He even gives a chat
room where he would probably have ransom demands from the web server he hacked.
So, spammers can do all of
this without spending a penny on server space or bandwidth or anything. They remotely use
a home computer someone hasn’t kept secured. It’s kind of frustrating how much computer
knowledge you have to have to keep your computer secured. It makes it so that the average Joe
can’t just hop on the internet without risking his computer becoming a spam server. Many people
don’t have the time to learn and do the tedious things required for security. Somewhere out
there, there is a little old lady who just wants to see pictures of her grandkids but her
computer happens to be the main source of spam for the entire state of Washington.

After experimenting more with the wireless network at home, I’ve verified what I’d been
reading. You can’t mix brands of card and router and expect to get 802.11g speed. You
often have to switch to 802.11b only.

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