I was looking through a Ramsey
catalog that a coworker gave me. It sells all sorts of electronics and hardware
for the obsessive solderer.
Anyway, it got me thinking…there would probably be a real market for a wheeled robotic platform
with a single good sturdy arm with 802.11 remote control from a smarty PC…even if it
were only amongst hobbyists. Why hasn’t somebody done it yet? It’s the future! Where’s
my easy-to-use robot? (and my spaceburgers)
Oh, here it is. Wait,
no arm? And that fancy restaurant menu method of not listing the prices probably means
that if you have to ask, you can’t afford it. Maybe I should just modify my RC car with a remote
camera and computer control so I could drive it just like a BF2 vehicle. Hmm, a robot
with batteries that last 10 minutes and goes really fast isn’t very useful, I guess.
page has some good ideas.

This weekend, we invited a bunch of family over and cooked “brat dogs”. (bratwurst hotdogs).
Them are tasty! But don’t cook a bunch of them indoors because it’ll smoke up the whole house.

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