On some blog, I found out the secret move to terminate your cellphone (at least with PCS) contract
early without the hugemongous penalty fee.
Change your cellphone number. They’ll tell you they’ll have to terminate your old contract free of charge
before they can set you up with a new one.
As your new contract, choose a zero-term agreement that can be cancelled at any time…like tomorrow.
We don’t have a cellphone but this method to get around a cellphone company’s evil intrigued me…for example,
you might move somewhere where your old cell’s reception doesn’t work but still be threatened
with the penalty if you change.

Vanessa watches Wheel of Fortune. Recently, there was a rather heavy-set lady on there
and her nametag said DEVO. Probably the only cool thing that’s ever happened on that show.
The constant clapping…it burns, it burns.

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