There’s this kinda dancehall reggae song by Matisyahu they’ve been playing on 6 Music. We were in Target last night and I heard the song playing from a TV. I looked up to see that he isn’t Jamaican, but a Hasidic Jew. You don’t usually seem someone with a fedora and long sideburns rapping. oyveyakasha.

Once in a while, I get pangs of Amiga nostalgia. Lemon Amiga is a nice little Amiga site. They even have their own nifty front-end for the difficult-to-use WinUAE.

Wonder if this lawsuit will be the end of teppan grill stunts. 🙁 We’ve almost been singed once or twice at teppan grills but it was great fun.

Vanessa and I went to Garduño’s for dinner last night as Sean’s gramma watched him. I gets the leftovers for lunch today. Huzzah! After that, we went to Best Buy. I tried that electric guitar PS2 game and tried to play a Ramones song. By the end of the song, I was having some fun. They say by the time you get really good in that game, you could have spent that time learning to play a real guitar.

I was trying to modify Mr. Cobol’s first C program. Meet Mr. Goto and Mr.badlynamedvariable. It must be King James C. Speaking of King James, look at this picture from an original King James bible print. It looks like the U and V are pretty much transposed from what they are today. What is their rule for when to use a normal S and when to use that S that looks like an F? The font, rather than sans-serif as you see on this page, seems to be super-serif. I guess if you’re going to the trouble of carving out a letter that will be printed a bazillion times, you may as well make it as decorative as possible.

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