At work I’m trying to track down the cause of an intermittent bug in a program. They are the hardest
kind to track down. Because I cannot reliably reproduce the problem, I have to go
to extremes of reproducing the exact situation the user was in when they had the problem.
This probably means that, while running the program, I will have to drink a Diet Coke while
listening to the Dave Matthews
band on the radio and eating some low carb food item while wishing I was in Maui.

We already have our tax returns so I figured I’d give the 6600 GT video card another try
and that the bad performance in my game was probably from having 512 MB instead of 1 GB of RAM.
(Studies have shown the advantage of AGP 8x vs. 4x to be negligible.)
So, this time I decided to order it online. I looked at pricegrabber’s prices for the card
I wanted and found the cheapest place and was just about to confirm the order when I
decided I better check on the seller’s rating. They had 2.5 out of 5 stars…not good
at all. I cancelled and switched the order to zipzoomfly.com which costs more but I found a $25 rebate there.
Huzzah! So, eventually, my computer should be running hot enough to melt iron. Mamas don’t
let yer babies grow up to be PC gamers. Make ’em buy consoles and handhelds and such. PC gaming
hardware is unreasonably priced.
Our car looks like an old junker with missing hubcaps
and the paint coming off but at least my computer can generate a lot of nicely shaded polygons.

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