Apparently, it is actually possible to download Windows XP
service pack 2
You can ignore the warnings about that version not being meant for a single computer.
They just mean that it has everything needed instead of select bits that Windows
Update would download. I plan to burn it to a CD for the many installs of XP that
I seem to do.

Well, I’ve made my second effort at running a 6600 GT
video card and it’s working well this time. I’m able to run my favorite game in 1024×768 with
all the graphics options turned up. You can tell it’s a good card because
it has a scary bull dog monster on the box and the box has a hip “X” shape. You actually
have to plug an extra power supply plug into the card. Sometimes I can actually hear
sounds the game makes above all the fans. If you get a 128 MB card, you’ll want to set
your AGP aperture to at least 128 MB. Otherwise, the video card will open an unstable
wormhole to get at more memory.

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