I love the fact that email filtering has forced spammers to become unintelligible.

Hey Velient,

According to the Oprah, am Eric an are seriously f at.

do u fit this cat egory. If so, check out

Laski, who is scheduled for arraignment next week, has denied any
wrongdoing. Attempts to reach him for comment Monday were unsuccessful.

Thank me later,

Who? What? Eh? You must really have to love buying questionable products from
dfnbxvj.org to respond to spam like this. The site is in China. If the amount
of spam going through China is any indication of their network security in general,
their government firewall must be useless.
Speaking of spammers, we need a sign that says, “no doorspam”.
Guess you can buy them

I was waiting for the normal city bus this morning and a Jehovah’s Witness fellow came up
to offer a brochure. In several previous days, it’s been the mormons. That
must be the evangelism bus stop. Later, on the Rapid Ride bus, a college woman was typing
to someone on her
hiptop. She had a skin-colored earbud wire
carefully fastened in her hair around the back of the head just over the ear. Musta been secret service!
Anyway, that’s about the most wired person I’ve seen on the bus, aside from myself…with, you know,
lifeform detectors, metabolic transducers, tricorders, light sabers, and…tiramisu.

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