Vanessa is headed to Wisconsin this week. Unfortunately, her aunt there passed away from cancer.
I took them to the airport this morning and so we were actually up before the sun, which is
quite rare for us.

There is this odd effect in the office this morning…what’s it called?
Oh yes, sunshine. We’ve been having record amounts of rain in the area…at least it breaks
some sort of record for February. There are actually small clumps of wild grass growing in the
backyard. I begin to fantasize about what the area would be like if we actually got out of this
drought. There is even talk of snowboarding Saturday at Sandia which rarely has this much

I picked up Katamari Damacy for PS2 which I’d heard a lot about.
In the game, you roll a small ball of stuff and gather random objects like sushi, signs,
mice, wrenches, and so on until the ball gets larger and larger. Eventually you are rolling up
buildings and ships and so on. An odd idea but quite fun. I found myself having thoughts of cleaning
up the Legos in the living room by rolling them all up in a ball, gradually gathering the
larger objects cluttering the house like old broken computers…and maybe the animals.

Wowzers! Evin kindly sent me a bunch of CDs including Pet Shop Boys,
Erasure, Kraftwerk, White Stripes, and Information Society. What a guy!

I finished setting up my grammy’s computer for her. I set it up as easy-to-use as possible.
Upon booting, Firefox loads and is set on google mail as the homepage. They have DSL so she
doesn’t have to dial in or anything. Shortcut to picture folder is on the desktop. The idea
would generally be to keep the interface as consistent as possible. Hopefully google mail
doesn’t change their look much over time or it may put her off. Would have been a fun experiment
to put Linux on there since she only cares about the web browser anyway. Since people rarely
write viruses and spyware for Linux, it’d keep ’em safe. Grammy would be a good
useability test for Linux. Ah well, I don’t have time to set up /etc/dev/printer/dbxdjls1
and all the nasty stuff that may or may not get their hardware working in Linux. Anyway,
me bruvah, Ethan, hooked up the computer at their house with me on the phone. He is now a wireless
network expert…or at least knows as much as I do about it.

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