It’s all over the news that a group of 8 people won the $365 million lottery. What I’d like to see when a lottery is over is a more realistic headline:
Lottery Over: 146 Million Losers
But no…all that gets hyped is the winner and the exciting message that YOU could win…and there are even more losers the next time. People need more concrete physical examples of how unlikely it is that a player will win the lottery. Go to a sandy playground. Behind your back, have someone place a single grain of sand somewhere on the playground. Now, turn around and throw your grain of sand. With any luck, you’ll hit theirs! Yay! Now, make the lottery ticket addict do this experiment a thousand times. Pick a number between 1 and 146,000,000. Is this it? No? Keep refreshing that page. I’m sure it’ll turn up eventually.

Google mail might be the stealth instant messenger. You know, there are those people whom you can’t get on any sort of IM…but they have a gmail address. Instant messaging is enabled by default on your gmail account. (Yes, you can disable it.) I added my brother’s gmail address to my list in GAIM and last night, I caught him checking his email and messaged him. Muahaha! He cannot escape me!

Vanessa and I played more Lego Star Wars last night. It has some pretty funny moments. There are a lot of cooperative puzzles in the game. Last night, we figured one out and, quite unexpectedly, the room we were in burst into disco lights and music and the nearby aliens at a control panel walked over and started dancing.

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