So what are web designers thinking when they build “artistic”, cryptic, hard-to-use Flash interfaces?
Sure the user can’t scroll through the text in any normal way and they have to click on all
the pictures to find what they want, but they will appreciate
the artistic value so much, it won’t matter. Puhleese. Flash’s tag line should be,
“Flash: Making your website ten times harder to update.”

Are you a bored geek with absolutely nothing to do? Maybe you just wanna dress like
a Klingon. Go protest the
cancellation of Enterprise. Yeah, that’ll work. And the idea of geeks raising millions of dollars
to pay for a TV series? “Well, Mr. Bakula, I don’t have any money to give you for today’s shoot. Instead, will
you accept this homemade chain mail and this live action roleplaying video in which people
pelt each other with large raisins?”

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