I was just listening to that Orbital “song” where they sample Whorf saying,
“There is the theory of the Mobius…a twist in the fabric of space where time becomes a loop.”
(Then they phase the left and right audio and play the sample a billion times until you press the skip button.)
What I want to know is why the security officer volunteered this information instead of the engineer
or someone like that. Ah well, it was probably near the beginning of the series when it was all
really awkward. (Though many would argue Star Trek, in general, is just really awkward.)

Me bruvah-in-law, Kyle, and I went snowboarding at Sandia Saturday. We did a lot
of dodging through the trees which was probably pretty risky and stupid now that I look back on
it. They had more snow than I’ve ever
seen there. Vanessa and Sean returned from Wisconsin yesterday and it were nice to have them back.

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