I must be an old fogey, because myspace makes me nervous. All those webpages under the control of a single company seems a bad idea from the point of control and personalization. The current fad is for a band to have a web page “under construction” and then merely a link to their myspace page.

Just to talk about the state of bands today, lemme just give an example. Lamacq Live plays Another Day by Neils Children. They’re a nobody band. It’s a good song. If they’re lucky, it’ll get played a lot on BBC 6 Music. If they’re not, you may never hear the song again. I say they should just put a link to the mp3 on their front page. No catches, no itunes, etc. This way, they stay on peoples’ mp3 players and in their heads, rather than potentially fading away. That song is the key to a lot of publicity. Maybe people spread the word about them and go to their concerts, giving money directly to them, rather than their music publisher. I could be wrong. Maybe the band will do fine without giving away their first top song. It just seems to me like a sure thing vs. a risk of fading out. By the way, the UK is pumping out good new music like nobody’s business right now. But turn on the radio in the US…Clear Channel song, commercial, commercial, old Clear Channel song, commercial, commercial, commercial, etc. Incidentally, New Mexico has more area than the UK, but about 3% of their population. The US has about 3% of the UK’s musical quality, but the UK has 3% of New Mexico’s food quality.
[Quality is a subjective measurement. See store for details.]

I was listening to the This Week in Tech podcast. Leo Laporte sounds like Space Ghost.

Poor Sean was wheezing like Darth Vader last night. Vanessa didn’t get much sleep, kinda staying up with him.

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