I’ve tried more TV viewing on the PSP. For PSP Video 9, it seems the best
encoding option is SP/Movie, which comes out to about 166 MB for an hour show.
It does take longer to encode because it does 2 passes, though.
However, a 512 MB memory card doesn’t hold much, so space is at a premium.
We are trying to set up Vanessa’s PDA with a 1 GB card so
that things could potentially be copied over to it at the same time.
We’ll see what she thinks of portable
video viewing. Guess it’ll also be her mp3 player for the car. I shudder to think how
impossible any of this would be if we were using media with DRM.

We are hoping to go to my grandparents’ house Saturday if Sean’s feeling better by then.
I want to try hooking his laptop to his HDTV to try some 1024×768 video. The problem
is finding such video. And so I search the net for high resolution video demos.

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