I’ve been getting frustrated with the old GBA that you have to play in flourescent or direct
sunlight. It pretty much ruins the entire point of portability.
A lighted screen would be nice…and not that silly, glaring
And so I figure
there are three choices. Gameboy SP at $70; cheapest choice, but with the
directional pad and buttons hand-crampingly close together.
Nintendo DS at $150; backwards compatibility with my GBA games and the
promise of Nintendo’s nice quirky games…but the pixely 3D textures look like an old Playstation 1.
Sony PSP may be around $250 when it comes out on March 24; high price (games will be at least $40) but a thing of beauty.
Playing some sort of portable Dark Cloud game would be spiffy.
Sony loves the proprietary stuff. Stupid memory stick. And the idea of buying full-priced $20 low resolution
movies seems pretty silly. But still, the PSP looks like the winner…Nintendo will pay for
suckering us into 2 GBAs that you can’t even see without direct sunlight.

I beat Katamari Damacy last night. Guess it was kinda short. Mind you, it’s really setup
for replay. You want to go back through and get all the things you missed. For example,
there’s that really unfair obstacle avoidance level where you want to roll up the biggest cow you can
and there are a lot of things disguised as cows…like vending machines and traffic cones.
There are tiny things you can barely see that count as a cow and then the level is over. It’s
quite disappointing when you roll around for several minutes and accidentally roll up some itsy bitsy cow
before you got to the big bull that’s charging around.

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